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Business management

Questions should be answered in essay form, providing the type of depth and detail expected in a formal research paper. You should take the time to explain complicated concepts in a thorough and thoughtful manner.

Reflection Assignment: Topic 1, 2, 4 & 6

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Reflection Topic 1: Motives for exporting; why go international?

There are countless trade statistics that expand exponentially. According to studies. As domestic competition increases, therefore, trade barriers are published, In the financial markets in particular. I believe that we must compete in this respect Although still open to international opportunities and exploiting the free market worldwide. This literature represents the reasoning behind this question In Topic 1, Exporting Why. Considering the study, 95% of the world's consumers are indicated live from the U.S. Live (Alexander C. & Warwick K. 2007). It is clear that this has increased markedly following foreign giants' domestic rivalry. One way of the national companies is therefore improving productivity is the opening up and consideration of international markets. Export consideration. Besides that, exporting is highly profitable and thus aids the different enterprises to learn how to improve competitiveness and become more lucrative.

I assume that the more inactive companies on the domestic market are thriving on global markets as another reason why we should export. In the wake of Theme I, I believe the transforming impact of making an outside company or doing business outside the borders on markets (Them I, article on strategic reasons for export) is making (Barnes, B.R., Chakrabarti, R. and Palihawadana, D. 2006). Significantly, existing partnerships, cultural exchanges and learning how to address the demands and needs of customers, without missing creativity and innovation, will accelerate this phase in addressing complex and arising challenges in the market environment. The book shows the value of export as an eye-opener and expands your horizons on what takes place around the globe. After the case of "Exporting is easier than expected." As small as it may start, it grows and exports change not only for the business but also personally with time rewarding.

The summary of the exporting plan is clear and very easy as described earlier after the library, "Export is simpler than you thought." For example, in the first stage the business or management can prepare for export and plan market entry technology because there are different approaches. Although exportation is simple, I feel that different questions are needed to ensure that the research is sufficient, performed and the most efficient and practical options are adopted. For instance, some of the advantages may lie in exporting or not exporting the product which is favorable for market entry, information that one should know previously and the most obvious events in the world. For example, it would not be acceptable to begin at that time, or to use a certain tactic to prevent foreign marketing ban-outs during the global pandemic, initial phases and lockdown. I therefore believe that the issues are important to consider, as far as the resources are available.

Nevertheless, the lack of work capital could not recognize international business opportunities or potential partners and provide limited market knowledge, as a part of the challenges which would impede successful exports. In addition, potential outer customers or poor research and management abilities and expertise could not be approached.

Research also shows that while a foreign extortressor, politics are local, and four political ties have considerable impact on exports, such as government corruption. I therefore believe that a reduction in media censorship and the prospect of greater freedom of expression to reduce

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