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Persuasion may be used in various ways, including argument, logic, or a positive conversation. Modifying one's surroundings, however, is referred to as exerting influence to achieve a particular goal. After viewing a few YouTube persuasion videos, I'd say Cialdini's is the most instructive in understanding the six persuasion stages. Because I learned visually, understanding how each step of persuasion works and how I can apply it to my scenario was more valuable. In addition to being the top writer in persuasion, Cialdini also has the most effective ideas for persuasive material. Moreover, I feel he has shown the perfect way for a person to grow, with the primary objective of getting a result from whoever is being spoken to, depending on the circumstances. He argues that the persuasion of the other revelers is affected by the management of a convincing performance inside the human mind. People will follow "credible informed experts," according to Cialdini (2012). My initial interest in the idea faded as I learned more about Cialdini. Aside from being instructive and inspiring, viewing his videos gave me the confidence that I could acquire the art of persuasion and influence.

MGT420 Case 3

Power Influence and Persuasion

Dario Ramirez

July 2022

Dr. Virginia Johnson

Trident University International


Managing a business requires resolving disputes and conducting discussions. It is typical for company owners to have arguments with their business partners, employees, and the general public. Negotiating is often required for a peaceful settlement of a situation as a crucial conflict management ability.

Nick Cunningham Case Study: Conflict and Negotiation Analysis

It is usual for stakeholders in a for-profit firm to argue often. Due to the social platform provided by companies, individuals may interact on a professional level. It is pretty rare for senior and junior people to disagree on the best course of action for different production issues (Luthans et al. 2015). This research involves Nick Cunningham and the executive directors of a merging firm in conflict and negotiation management. The efficiency of a firm may be significantly impacted by how its upper management handles conflict (Bauer & Erdogan, 2011). Long-term decisions affecting personal and professional life often result from continuing disputes, as shown by the case study. Enhancing stakeholder relationships, which are vital to increase profitability and promote collaboration and cooperation among workers, requires compelling conflict and negotiation management.

Conflict That Isn't Working

Nick and Julian, a Beauchamp executive officer, are feuding. This company is part of Synergon's attempt to merge businesses in order to increase profits. Due to the managing director's desire to go early, the argument is nonsen

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