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Biological & Biomedical Sciences
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How does the recently developed DNA technology help scientists establish a more accurate classification scheme? Information on DNA can often indicate relatedness between organisms and even provide data on how long they have been evolving separately. Discuss the influence of DNA and molecular biology on the future of evolutionary classification.

Identifying the risk of e-cigarettes

E-Cigarettes or 'vaping' is a health and safety concern for students and young people in our community who are often unaware of the risks associated with the practice.

The NSW Department of Education has advised schools that students should not bring e-cigarettes or e-cigarette accessories onto school premises or use them during school-based activities.

Consistent with the Department of Education and school policy - vaping, selling, or having e-cigarettes will result in disciplinary action that may lead to a student being suspended from school.

Addressing e-cigarettes in New South Wales

New South Wales is a state New South Wales is an Australian state located on the east coast region of the country. It boundaries Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and Southern Australia to the west. Its shore boundaries are the Coral and Tasman Oceans to the eastern. The Australian Capital Territory, as well as Jervis Bay Territory, are districts within the state. The state was first established as a British colony in 1788. Initially, it comprised over half of the mainland of Australia, and its western boundary was placed at 129th meridian eastern in 1825. Native residents of NSW are the Aboriginal Tribes. The local Government, known as the NSW Government, is the coalition of the liberal party and national party.

Community Profile

According to the Australia Bureau of Statistics, the major professions of people staying in New South Wales are Experts (22.7%), Clerical & governmental workers(15.1%), Managers(13.3%), Technicians & trades workers(13.2%), Community & personal service workers (9.5%), Sales workers(9.3%), Laborers (8.7%), Machinery operators & drivers (6.4%).

The main industries people in NSW work in Healthcare sector (11.6%) and social aid, Retail job(10.3%), Manufacturing(8.4%), Education and training (7.9%), Expert(7.9%), scientific and technical services, Construction(7.3%), Accommodation and food services(6.7%), Public administration and safety(6.1%), Financial and insurance services(5.0%). According to the census of Australia, In New South Wales, 49.3% in men and 50.7% are women. Australian, English, Irish, Scottish and Chinese are the main residents in NSW. The population was approximately 7,480,237 in 2016, including 2,068,099 (27.6%) born in f

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