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Change Management

This is an essay on change management aimed to help business professional expand thier work and be ready to face change.

-47625-362120-476083581400RECOMMENDATORY REPORT

To: Chairman of the Board of Directors Premier Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSMAS)


Subject:Change Management Plan for Premier Service Medical Aid Scheme

-698332438400Date: 14.07-2022

Executive Summary

The scope of this change management plan is to change the top management recruitment policies so that competent management is appointed that will lead the organisation towards success in light of the current dissatisfactions which include but are not limited to corrupt tendencies by the management and corporate misgovernance. This change management plan must yield good corporate governance inside the organisation and lead the organisation to become a world class medical aid society by 2025. This goal will be achieved through change in the management and company policy to ensure that the previous challenges do not repeat itself. The objectives of the change plan are: to change the company policy to ensure good corporate governance is followed in the organisation and to ensure that service delivery is restored to satisfactory level. The type of change sought is developmental and transitional. The change management model is being utilised in this project is the Kotter’s change management theory. The change plan started with well-defined goals, then followed by the change communication plan, training and coaching plan, resistance management plan and finally the resources plan. To sustain the change after the plan this, change plan will utilise the sustainable change model which states that to sustain change in the organisation there must be support from the top management and the organisation must be willing to utilise change sustaining approaches in all their endeavours, because the change program’s lifecycle can last for multiple years. The top management will be trained to forego rigidity and be able to shift paradigms when needed. This is because a focus on sustainable change must look beyond simply effecting the change. It must be also noted by the incoming and future management that change sustainment requires ongoing dialogue and communication so that individuals understand why certain actions, processes and behaviours are expected of them. The PSMAS leadership must also invest in planning for sustained results, through practice and iterations of change, the investment in change will be realized as true project return on investment (ROI) is attained.


This is change management plan is aimed to transform the PSMAS top management recruitment procedures and the overall company policy to reduce mismanagement and enhance service delivery at the company.

Terms of Reference

As part of the audit ordered by the Minister of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) who is the administrator of the medical aid societies of law, statutory instrument 134 of 2000 of Zimbabwe to enquire on the plummeting service delivery and reports of misgovernance, this change management plan is to be administered as part of the recommendations of the audit.

Methodology and Procedures

To implement the terms of reference of this project, this plan was drafted and passed to the MoHCC for approval, it is expected to be followed over a time period of 1 year at an expected budget of $57 000.

Implementation of the Full Change Plan

The change plan will be implemented through eight steps and at the budget outlined in the table below:


Time Line


Identify the change and perform an impact Assessment.

July 3 2022 - August 1 2022


Development of the change plan.

August 3 - November 2 2022

$ 2000

Communication of the impending to all concerned Stakeholders.

November 3 2022 – January 31 2023


Providing reasons for the change and responding to the concerns of the stakeholders

February 1 – March 31 2023


Launch the change

April 1 – 30 2023


Monitor the change

May 1-31 2023

$10 000

Evaluate the change

June 1-30 2023

$10 000

Handover the change

July 1 2023



12 Months

$57 000


Current State: Diagnosing Dissatisfactions with Status Quo (Present) And Envisioning the Future

Background of the Enterprise and its Challenges

This section outlines the background of the enterprise under investigation which is the Premier Service Medical Aid Society (PSMAS) in order to get clarity and understanding of where it is coming from and where it is going, thereby the context of its challenges and issues will be clear. This study will use as sources of information, the Company Website, Annual Reports; financial reports such as 10-K, 10-Q, and 8-K; and corporate social responsibility reports and the Newspapers which carries information about the company.

Historical and Contextual background of the Company

Premier Service Medical Aid Scheme (PSMAS), was formed in the early 1930s’ as the Public Service Medical Aid, to provide medical insurance for those in state service, whether civil or uniformed. The Society went through various stages of growth, building up from one branch to the next, all in an effort to offer the best medical aid services to the growing membership. The vision of PSMAS is to be the epicentre of members’ access to affordable quality health care by 2025. The Mission is to generate the necessary change in the healthcare industry by providing members with cost effective quality healthcare services and products. Its core values are teamwork, communication, integrity, commitment and empathy.

After independence, medical aid was introduced as a benefit for many employees, with the private sector and individuals later also being allowed to join. The branch network of PSMAS now stretches across the country covering 17 cities and towns. In 2006 PSMAS formed Premier Service Medical Investments (PSMI), which acted as a conduit vehicle for the establishment of clinics, laboratories, pharmacies, hospitals, dental centres and rehabilitation centres nationwide. It has evolved to be Zimbabwe’s largest medical aid service provider. Premier Service Medical Aid Society is a private company controlled by a Board of Directors and is a member of the Medical Aid Societies in Zimbabwe which are regulated by Statutory Instrument 330 of 2000. The Minister of Health and Child Care is the regulator of the Statutory Instrument 330 of 2000, and is also responsible for issuance and renewal of operating licenses to all medical aid societies.

There has been an issue which arose during the course of the years where the Government of Zimbabwe views PSMAS as a parastatal and considers it to be such and a legal standoff is there according to the report by Parliamentary Legal Committee (2015). The report outlines that the Government only contributes about eighty percent to PSMAS through subscriptions of its employees but that does not make it a parastatal and as such the provisions of the State Liabilities Act cannot be applicable to PSMAS. Furthermore, liability upon the State must be as a result of the acts of its employees of which the employees of PSMAS are not part of the Civil Service.

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