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Best Practices to Motivate and Engage Employees

Introduction: Briefly describe (two double-spaced pages maximum) the issue or problem being researched providing appropriate background information; discuss why researching this issue is important.

Research Purpose and Questions: Clearly and concisely state the purpose of the research and the 2 – 3 specific research questions to be answered (one double-spaced page maximum).

Literature Review: Analyze and synthesize 15 or more scholarly sources to comprehensively examine the issue and answer your research questions. Of the 15 sources, 10 must be peer-reviewed journals including 4 quantitative and/or qualitative research studies. If your draft is not complete, you can insert placeholders noting what will be added.

Conclusions: Draw valid conclusions supported by findings in the literature; be certain to include appropriate citations.

Best Practices to Motivate and Engage Employees

Sarah K. Dax

Master of Organizational Leadership, University of Massachusetts Global

OLCU-613 Organization Dynamics Fall 1

Dr. Jim Lambert

September, 18, 2022


In this paper two best practices to motivate and engage employees within an organization. It will assess how effectively one organization can engage its employees by comparing its to the two best practices. This paper with give specific examples from an organization that uses the practices to increases morale, engage their employees, and get the best from the. It will also provide specific recommendations to enhance employee engagement in that organization and two insights gained into employee engagement including specific actions that can be taken by a leader to enhance effectiveness and employer employee engagement.

Keywords: motivation, engagement, enhancement,

Best Practices to Motivate and Engage Employees

In a fast-paced world of business there is no rest for leaders or employees. The effective direction, motivation, and leadership is what will take a business forward. Amongst all, motivation plays the key role as it helps to identify and satisfy the needs of employees and the organization. Managers must use various motivational methods to engage their employees to achieve their maximum potential leading to improved organizational performance. Motivation is getting the members of the term to pull weight effectively, to carry out properly the assignments given to them, and to show loyalty to the organizations. If employees lack motivation and enthusiasm for work the organization will suffer.

There will always be hurdles that leaders will face when motivating and engaging their employees. Since the pandemic many companies have had to telework. Current organizations function in both online and offline setting. This has provided leaders with new opportunities to communicate with personnel through nontraditional means. According to Korzynski (2017) leaders must also be aware that they are working with a new generation of employees, also known as the Generation Y or the Millennials. This group of individuals are frequent social media users and expect peers and executives alike to communicate with them in a dynamic, two-way manner (Korzynski, 2017). Leaders should be aware that online networking platforms to collaborate. Leaders need a way assert a positive influence on their motivation.

Some of the best practices or policies that companies can put in place is to provide additionally specialized training and goals for personnel, promote employee autonomy, and find out your employees needs to motivate them at work. Employees should also, pay special attention to modern communication tools otherwise, they can experience troubles in communicating and motivating younger generations of employees (Korzynski, 2017).

Leaders must understand their employees to motivate them and manage them (Bolman & Deal, 2017). These practices can potentially spur employee’s enthusiasm, cultivate ideas, and

help reach organizational goals and potentially attract and retain talented employees which is the goal of any successful organization (Bhuvanaiah & Raya, 2015).

Best Practices to Motivate and Engage Employees

Effective direction, motivation, and leadership, takes a business forward. Motivation plays the key role as it helps to identify and satisfy the needs of employees and the organization. Performing one’s job well increases self-confidence and motivates the employee. By offering specific training to improve job performance creates a win for the employee and the company. Leaders should set clear, achievable goals and collaboratively reset goals once they are accomplished. Job enrichment potential and advancement will ultimately increase the degree of engagement from employees because organizations are instilling a sense of pride and value with their personnel. Employees want to seek out new opportunities to learn and update with emerging skills and knowledge because it can potentially lead to better opportunities. According to Bhuvanaiah & Raya Leadership should unders

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