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Communication Media Essay

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Communication Media Essay

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Exploring the Concept of Cultural Imperialism in the American Psych Film

American Psycho provides the best example of one of the most exhilarating films to watch in the contemporary society as a result of its unique coverage of multiple issues, including the concept of cultural imperialism (Brien, 2006). This distinct film was produced in 2000 as a typical form of an American black comedy written and directed by Mary Harron based on the 1991 novel written by Bret Easton Ellis and featuring the same title. On the other hand, cultural imperialism refers to an approach where one ethnic, social, economic, or political group forcefully extends its power and lifestyle to others (Eldridge, 2008). The entire process is done by fully or partially replacing or changing features of the non-dominant community’s cultural values. It is often associated with despotism due to its aggressive nature with most of its issues having been developed after WWII had happened. The war had ensued using different names such as “economic imperialism,” “neo-colonialism,” and “soft imperialism” (Austin, 2021). This paper digs deeper into the infamous American Psycho film and, in turn, provides a comprehensive analysis on how it explores the theme of cultural imperialism. The analysis looks at the film’s characters with a critical focus on its protagonist Patrick Bateman, its corresponding scenes, and other issues associated with the concept of cultural imperialism.

According to Serpell (2010), the entire American Psycho film seems intriguing and saddening as a result of Harron’s decision to develop its protagonist as an assassin (Serpell, 2010). The young good-looking urban dweller called Patrick Bateman survives as a serial killer in New York City. The entire cast is associated with the detectives that examined factors that triggered men to act like monsters. Harron appeared as a psychopath as she posted photos disclosing her nakedness to the public. The woman seemed to have been influenced by psychological or drug-related problems due to her debauched behaviors (Austin, 2021). The film initiated an array of psychological theories that defined mental issues people undergo. Hence, the cultural imperialistic nature of American Psycho is at first portrayed by the protagonist Bateman who interacts with his affluent business associates in New York City to flaunt their enterprise cards to the public. The character conspired with Paul Allen, to kill a homeless person and his dog. The demise of Allen exposed the nature of Bateman and how he handled less fortunate people in society (Austin, 2021). Seemingly, the group of businesspeople portrayed in the video often celebrates their success and heinous actions such as murder.

The psycho movie also has numerous elements of cognitive theories in which people are driven by their emotions (Brien, 2006). Typically, these theories are focused on how the internal state of an individual is stimulated, decision making, attention, thinking, and problem-solving skills. Besides, Batman is psychologically influenced by his “powerful imaginations.” There is harassment towards the people with low socio-economic status in society (Harron, 2000). For instance, Batman and his colleagues harass and kill people, depicting how affluent and arrogant persons have weaker thoughts towards vulnerable individuals. The nature of the harassment is directed at both male and female. Based on the content of American Psycho, Batman participates in an erotic relationship with two prostitutes described as Sabrina and Christie (Austin, 2021). The two women left the apartment with bloodstains that showed mistreatment and physical torture that the character practiced. Bateman's character is a depiction of personality models such as the big five theory of personality and psychological develop

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