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Required Hardware Components: Hardware Requirement Considerations (Coursework Sample)


Overview: Basic knowledge of computers is practically essential for productively engaging in twenty-first-century life. Working knowledge of computer platform technologies impacts everyone from help desk personnel and field technicians to project managers and business executives. In order to make sound business decisions, one must have the ability to analyze business needs and compare available computer technology options for effectively meeting those needs. Scenario: You have been hired as an IT consultant by an entrepreneur starting a small advertising company called MilleniAds. As a start-up, your client's company is relatively small and has a limited budget. There are only 10 employees, including a few creative directors, graphic designers, sales staff, a financial accountant, and an office administrator, with the entrepreneur acting as CEO. The current IT budget cannot exceed $25,000 and ideally should come in as far under that number as possible. MilleniAds will produce customized sales flyers, brochures, and other branded items, such as letterhead and business cards, that apply a youthful, fresh perspective targeting millennial demographics. Therefore, the company needs the ability to store and manipulate digital images and to produce physical copies of their products for their clients. The CEO wants to keep track of inventory, sales, and expenses digitally, but she does not anticipate having very complex records for the first year. She projects having only a dozen or so accounts but hopes to scale up in the coming years. It would be ideal to have a simple and user-friendly system for sharing information and files between employees. Many of the employees are millennials themselves who have indicated that their current desktop PCs are limiting their capabilities and that they prefer using their phones and other mobile devices for their professional and personal responsibilities. Two of the 10 employees will operate primarily outside of the office, soliciting business from regional firms, and they will need to access company information while on the road, in their home offices, and at customer sites. Beyond the specific information given above, you have the ability to fill in the gaps with assumptions or additional details that will make your final project unique and meaningful to you. If you have any questions, reach out to your instructor for guidance. Prompt: Given the scenario above, what are the best hardware, software, networking, and information security options for addressing your client's business needs? Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: II. Hardware Components A. Examine the business's issues to determine specific hardware requirements. Based on these issues, what are the major categories and components of hardware that should be considered? Identify each of the applicable requirements (hard drive storage, video cards, etc.), being sure to cite specific examples wherever appropriate. B. Then, compare and contrast the various options for meeting the requirements. Be sure to cite specific evidence from the component specification fact sheets to support your evaluation. What are their functional strengths and weaknesses? How do they compare in terms of cost and maintainability? C. Compose a final list detailing all of your specific hardware recommendations for your client. Be sure to logically justify your proposal as the best possible choice for meeting the business requirements.


Required Hardware Components
Hardware components are critical operational aspects considering that there are vast technological advancements that are being made in the current era. As a result, MilleniAds needs to be well equipped with sufficient and adequate hardware components that can enable them to function effectively and deliver their services/products to their customers in an efficient manner. The hardware components that are MilleniAds is to take up should be cost effective as the company is starting up and seeks to operate on a low budget. However, the components that are to be acquired, as recommended below, should be of good quality and have high performance to enhance production of quality products/services by the company. The best hardware, software, networking, and information security options which meet the needs of MilleniAds are the most recent hardware components that are technologically advanced and cost-effective.
Hardware requirement considerations
To begin with, one of the needs that have to be met by these hardware components that are to be acquired by the firm is their ability to store and at the same time manipulate digital images. In addition to the above, the hardware components that are to be acquired by the company should have the ability to produce physical copies of the different products that belong to their clients. Moreover, a hardware component that will allow the CEO to keep a digital inventory and at the same time track the inventory of sales and expenses is needed by the company. The current desktop PCs at the company are limiting the performance and the capabilities of the employees. As a result, these employees need to be supplied with desktop PCs that can be able to maximize their capabilities thus leading enhancement of professional and personal responsibilities. Lastly, the employees also require hardware components that can easily access different forms of information from the company while they are in different locations other than the office. Looking at the requirements that have been mentioned above, below are the hardware components categories which could meet the needs of the company. One of the hardware components that is required by MilleniAds is high-quality CPU equipped with an efficient motherboard to enhance the performance of professional responsibilities and personal responsibilities. Secondly, the company should also acquire hard drives with a good size which can allow storage of inventory sales, designed flyers, and brochures, among many other materials. Thirdly, bigger RAM is required to support the functionality of the CPU and flexible hardware is also required. Lastly, the employees also require device components that will allow them to access information from the company while at a distant location. Thus, the hardware component that is needed is a server system that will give a central data storage system that can be accessed by different mobile devices that are portable such as laptops and smartphones.
Compare and Contrast
Having outlined the different categories of the hardware components that need to be acquired by the company, it is follows that a comparison of the different options available be considered before the final recommendations are made to the company. First and foremost, the company requires a server system that can effectively enhance task delivery. Moreover, the server system should be able to offer easy access to information from the company storage units. Two main types of servers are the ones that can apply in this case scenario. As much as there are five main types of server systems (i.e. file server, print server system, communications server system, application server system, database server system, and domain server system), two of these server systems are the ones that can operate efficiently for MilleniAds considering that it is an advertisement company (Tate et al., 2018). They are database server and communications server. These two are different in that the database server enables management of common database for a network and allowing data storage, as well as the request for data access (Tate et al., 2018). Communications server, on the other hand, handles different communication functions (Tate et al., 2018). On a different note, there are different types of motherboards that the company can consider to help in deciding on the ones that allow high functionality. The different types of motherboards are AT motherboards, ATX motherboards, Pentium 4 motherboards, and motherboards with high end graphics (Astarabadi and Cunningham, 2017). Differentiating these different types of motherboards, AT motherboards are such that they consist of power connectors with advanced technology. ATX motherboards are such that they comprise single connectors. Pentium 4 motherboards are fixed with 12V power connectors (Astarabadi and Cunningham, 2017). Lastly, motherboards with high end graphics are characterized by Z270 chipsets which support Kaby Lake processors. There are also different types of processors which explain why there are different types of CPU from which MilleniAds can choose from. Processors that available in the market are produced either by Intel or Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) (Kirk and Wen-Mei, 2016). Under Intel, there is Pentium, Core, and Celeron. Under AMD there is Phenom, Sempron, and Athlon. The difference between their efficiency and their reliability comes about by considering the date of production and their sizes (Kirk and Wen-Mei, 2016). The more efficient and reliable processors are the ones that have bigger sizes and more recently produced. Four different types of hard disk drives are present in the market (i.e. parallel advanced technology attachment, serial ATA, solid state drives, and small computer system inter...
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