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This is an essay that can motivative other students to pursue a career they want to major in and can gain many values lessons in this essay. You can find a lot of examples how students struggle to gain the right experience in their first year of college. This essay can really boil it down to how to do so.

Getting the first year out of the way

The first year of college, what challenges come to mind? For some, anxiety, financial instability, and stress. As a first-generation college student in a diverse demographic community, facing the challenges that come with obtaining an education can be daunting, but the knowledge gained is invaluable.

With so much uncertainty in the world, including economic fluctuations, the cost of pursuing higher education goes beyond the student's financial stability. Some individuals may find it hard to pay for college tuition and logistics, not to mention the significant price difference between a community college and a four-year state university. The sudden switch to becoming a student can have a personal and financial impact when working towards obtaining an education. Solely being a student is impossible for many individuals, leaving many with the only option of obtaining a part-time job to help with the high living expenses. As said in Nadworny's article, "Going to college takes time and money," Nadworny explains how deciding to attend college is not about simply waking up and going to class but also understanding the commitment. Nadworny suggests meeting with a campus financial adviser to map out an education plan and getting assistance with financial aid and available scholarships to h

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