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Help us student how to answer critical reasoning and make student ready for upcoming GMAT exams. This is help student practice and prepare


Note: Candidates are requested to type their answer at the end of each question.

For Eg, Answer: (A)

Critical Reasoning

1. Real Estate Agent: Next year, the occupancy rate for residential rental properties in Riverton will increase despite projections of decreasing population in the city. Generally, when a city's population decreases, the occupancy rate for residential rental properties increases. However, in the continuing climate of increasing interest rates on home mortgages, an unusually large number of Riverton residents who would typically buy homes will opt to rent instead.

The boldfaced statements in the argument above play which of the following roles?

(A) The first is a conclusion drawn by the agent; the second is evidence that weighs against the agent's conclusion.

(B) The first is a consideration that weighs against the agent's prediction; the second is that prediction.

(C)The first describes a pattern of cause and effect; the second describes a situation for which this pattern will not hold.

(D) The first is the agent's prediction; the second is reasoning offered in support of this prediction.

(E) The first is an undisputed statement of fact; the second is a position that is supported by this fact.


2. A company is considering changing its policy concerning daily working hours. Currently, this company requires all employees to arrive at work at 8 a.m. The proposed policy would permit each employee to decide when to arrive-from as early as 6 a.m. to as late as 11 a.m.

The adoption of this policy would be most likely to decrease employees' productivity if the employees' job functions required them to

(A) work without interruption from other employees

(B) consult at least once a day with employees from other companies

(C) submit their work for a supervisor's eventual approval

(D) interact frequently with each other throughout the entire workday

(E) undertake projects that take several days to complete


3. If an investment has produced no profit, tax relief predicated on having made the investment is no help; any corporate manager who fears that a new asset will not make money is scarcely comforted by promises of reductions in taxes the corporation will not owe.

Which of the following is the most reliable inference to draw from the passage above?

(A) An effective way to discourage unprofitable corporate investment is to predicate tax relief on the making of profitable investments.

(B) Corporate managers are likely to ignore tax considerations in deciding to invest in assets they believe will be profitable.

(C) The promise of tax benefits for making new investments will not in and of itself stimulate new investment.

(D) The less importance a corporate manager attaches to tax considerations, the more likely it i

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