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online learning

This is about online learning. In this online learning pros and cons are there.I described seeperately wht are the pros nd what are the cons of e learning.


Good morning dear teachers and my dear colleagues. My name is Navya Sarathchandra from the English Diplomas Class conducted by DLT University of Ruhuna. Today I am going to present about the pros and cons of online learning.

Actually what is this online learning?

Online learning is a digital mode of education where in the teacher and students interact using digital devices like laptops, smartphones, tabs, etc.

This method of study has become a trend today as it is the best option in case of pandemic spread where in it is advisable to not leave home.

As with most teaching methods, online learning also has its own set of positives and negatives.

So we will move to the next slide to know what are the positives of online learning.

Pros of Online education


When you choose to continue your education online, you will have greater flexibility to juggle your career, education and home life without the confines of a fixed schedule. You will be able to log in and complete your course work, and do homework, all at times that can fit in with your schedule, instead of rearranging your schedule to work around traditional class times.

Accessibility of Time and Place

Another advantage of online education is that it allows students to attend classes from any location of their choice. It also allows schools to reach out to a more extensive network of students, instead of being restricted by geographical boundaries. Additionally, online lectures can be recorded, archived, and shared for future reference. This allows students to access the learning material at a time of their comfort.


Reduced financial cost is another quite impressive advantage of online learning. Online education is far more affordable as compared to physical learning. This is because online learning eliminates the cost of student transportation, student meals, and most importantly real estate. In addition, all the course or study materials are available online, thus creating a paperless learning environment which is more affordable, while also being beneficial to the environment.

Okay now let’s see the cons of online education by moving to the other slide.

Cons of Online Education

Inability to Focus On Screens

For many students, one of the biggest challenges of online learning is the struggle with focusing on the screen for long periods of time. With online learning, there is also a greater chance for students to be easily distracted by social media or other sites. Therefore, it is imperative for the teachers to keep their online classes crisp, engaging, and interactive to help students stay focused on the lesson.

Weak boundaries & monotony

The same physical space gets used for dining, conversing, reading, and online learning. Weaker differentiation between types of activities and environments could create monotony, boredom, and numbness. It could even take a toll on mental health. 

Technology issues

Another key challenge for online learning is internet connectivity. While internet penetration has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few years, in smaller cities and towns, a consistent connection with decent speed is a problem. Without a consistent internet connection for students or teachers, here can be a lack of continuity in learning for the child. This is detrimental to the education process.

So I hope you will get to know about the pros and cons of online learning well. Thank you for given support by listening.

So I have opened a Q and A session and you can answer questions if here is any?

E learing can be very cost effective due to the fact that it is a one time cost that can be utilized time and time over gain.And it can also be edited and changes can be made to over time.

E learining can be time efficient.So you don’t have to pull your employyes off the floor or out of any meetings.What is very nice about e learining and us being in that digital world is that is accessible 24/7. So prior to work after work or after hours, or even if they have a couple of minutes going in and out of a meeting,elearning ism very time efficient beause its always accessible.Anouther beneifit of e learining Is that it an be facilitated anywhere.

Non-direct Teacher-student Interactions

In online education, students and teachers do not hold live interactive classes, rather the students watch their teachers on computer screens, and read already-made manuals and handbooks. For some students, the absence of live interactions means a slow and laborious way to learn.

Proneness to Technical Issues

Online causes are prone to technical issues, this is one of the disadvantages of online education. Taking only classes can attract so many issues, including lagging or hanging especially for low-end mobile devices.

There can also be issues with audio and video clarity, stable internet connection, and sometimes web server going down, being slow in responding, or not responding at all.

The classic disadvantages of online learning center around technical problems.  Nothing disrupts an online lesson more than audio, video, or connection issues.  Many times in the past, students were required to download and/or install cumbersome apps or technology that would deliver inconsistent performances.  Luckily nowadays, online classes can be accessed through the click of a link without the need to install anything.  Internet connections throughout the world have improved dramatically. Additionally, people’s devices have gotten significantly better.

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