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types of delivering presentation

this is a gift from my side. here is the types of delivering oral presentation. which is manu script memorizing impromtou extemporenous

Does the technology that the best has now helped with that at all?

Probably not. Now, we've got some great 360 camera systems and such, but we just don't have enough of them in the marketplace. And at this point, while we've sold some books,[Guess] percentage of our customers still stick with the tried and true. They're afraid of all the new gadgets and features.

So predominantly, they're not taking advantage. Availability of the options.

whether that's the price for them or just fear, that's probably a combination of both. You start adding those options, and you start increasing the price of the bus pretty significantly.

Okay I see in bluebird-, like those are key to competitors,[inaudible]

I see probably dominates Texas, so over the rest of us.

All right

So when you think about Thomasville in your in the customers that choose to buy Thomasville, why do you think they're making that choice versus ice or Bluebird?

I think it's different for every customer but in some cases, it is the relationships that we've been able to build over the competition. Every customer is different.

Let's say they're considering all three brands, what would you say to them to tilt them your way? Let's just say beyond the dealership, which we know is important. What would it be about the product or the brand?

Of course, we'd like to push the customers to products they can only get here really the differences in the engine a lot-, depends on what the customer is interested in. In some cases-,

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