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the document uploaded here is the thesis of chromium carbide in the field of science. it will benefit in analysis processing.

Analysis of Chromium Carbide

Many different compounds containing carbon and chromium may be synthesized and used in welding and thermal spraying. Chromium carbide might also be used as an ecologically acceptable alternative to hard chromium plating in the future ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Jonathan Ellis</Author><Year>2001</Year><RecNum>0</RecNum><IDText>Chromium Carbides</IDText><DisplayText>(Y. Z. Sha Liu, Xiaolei Xing, Jibo Wang, Xuejun Ren &amp; Qingxiang Yang, (2016))</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Online Multimedia">48</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>Jonathan Ellis, Michael Haw</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>Chromium Carbides</title><secondary-title></secondary-title></titles><dates><year>2001</year><pub-dates><date>May 31</date></pub-dates></dates><urls><related-urls><url></url></related-urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote>(Y. Z. Sha Liu, Xiaolei Xing, Jibo Wang, Xuejun Ren & Qingxiang Yang, (2016)). Chromate salts are probable carcinogens in human beings. Chromic acid and its salts are corrosive to the skin and mucous membranes and should be avoided if possible. Hexavalent chemicals are much more hazardous than trivalent ones ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Year>2021</Year><RecNum>0</RecNum><IDText>What is Chromium Carbide?</IDText><DisplayText>(2016)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Online Multimedia">48</ref-type><contributors></contributors><titles><title>What is Chromium Carbide?</title><secondary-title></secondary-title></titles><dates><year>2021</year><pub-dates><date>December 24</date></pub-dates></dates><urls><related-urls><url></url></related-urls></urls></record></Cite></EndNote>(2016).

System of Chromium-Carbon

Chromate carbide grades are shown in Table 1 and Figure 1 depicts a segment of chromium-carbon phase diagram. All of the other grades are built on the foundation of these three primary compounds ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>F Ernst</Author><Year>2011</Year><RecNum>0</RecNum><IDText>The carbide M7C3 in low-temperature-carburized austenitic stainless steel</IDText><DisplayText>(Y. Z. Sha Liu, Xiaolei Xing, Jibo Wang, 2016)</DisplayText><record><ref-type name="Journal Article">17</ref-type><contributors><authors><author>F Ernst, D Li, H Kahn, GM Michal, AH Heuer</author></authors></contributors><titles><title>The carbide M7C3 in low-temperature-carburized austenitic stainless steel</title><secondary-title>Acta Materialia</secondary-title></titles><dates><year>2011</year></dates></record></Cite></EndNote>(Y. Z. Sha Liu, Xiaolei Xing, Jibo Wang, 2016).

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 6 An illustration of the chromium-carbon phase diagram CITATION FEr11 \l 1033 (F Ernst, 2011).

Figure SEQ Figure \* ARABIC 7 Standard grades of chromium carbide CITATION FEr11 \l 1033 (F Ernst, 2011).

Production of Chromium Carbides

LSM manufactures chromium carbid

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