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Importance of Innovation in Business (Essay Sample)


Describe Importance of Innovation in Business


Importance of Innovation in Business
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Importance of Innovation in Business
Entrepreneurial firms often experience challenges and threats associated with political, social, and economic factors. At the same time, the entrepreneurial environment constantly changes, hence the need for businesses to adjust appropriately to stay afloat. Adapting to changes requires a well-planned strategy that involves many factors. One of the main factors that businesses must consider is innovation, which is helpful in various ways.
Businesses often seek opportunities for innovation to maintain relevance. The business environment is dynamic because business trends change regularly (Bach et al., 2019). Due to the constant changes in business processes, entrepreneurs must seek new measures to keep up with the trends or perform better. Besides, customers’ needs also change with time. Therefore, businesses find it necessary to seek innovative opportunities to meet current customer expectations. Generally, businesses can update their production processes and meet current customer needs by adopting new production technologies and developing new products. They can also improve by adopting modern business practices. If not, a business might become irrelevant due to the inability to produce efficiently or satisfy current customer needs.
Innovation can also help entrepreneurial organizations increase operational efficiency. The business sector relies heavily on technology to achieve high performance (Whittington, 2018). Specifically, the internet, software, and other computer-related technologies have become more advanced and can improve operational efficiency in many ways. Innovative entrepreneurs can adopt these technologies to boost performance by improving product research and development, marketing, production, and sales, among other business processes. At the same time, employees in an organization can experience flexibility at work through innovation in technology and ideas, hence smoother operations and increased productivity.
Innovation can help entrepreneurs create and maintain notable brands. These days, customers usually research thoroughly before buying products’ thus, building a great brand and reputation is essential (Palazzeschi et al., 2018). Innovative organizations can build their brands by utilizing appropriate digital marketing strategies that enhance their market visibility and presence. In that case, if customers are looking for major players in a specific industry, they can easily find companies that rank top in their specific product lines. Furthermore, each organization must create an image for being the best in the specific industry. This process can be achieved through product innovation and other innovative ideas such as community development, safe production, and sustainable manufacturing.
Entrepreneurial organizations can also attract and maintain top talent if they maintain a reputation for being innovative. Employees are among the critical elements required to have a competitive advantage in any company (Palazzeschi et al., 2018). Thus, organizations must build the right personnel to boost productivity and provide excellent customer service required to boost productivity. While an organization can achieve this by innovating ways to attract suitable employees, building a positive, innovative image can also contribute to the process. Innovative organizations, such as Micr

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