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Marketing and Promotions (Essay Sample)


Is marketing and promotion important in business


Eda Angela G. Rosales
13 September 2021
Marketing and Promotion
Among all the successful companies in the world, what common characteristics do they share in achieving their goals? Aside from their well-designed organization, and efficient employees, one of the major elements of their success is their marketing and promotion. Putting up a business alone is onerous. And making it feasible and be able to grow it makes it more challenging, especially when you enter a business that is not known by some customers. In order to make your customer familiarize your product you need to create something or create ways to make people know your product. And that is promoting your business. The most successful companies in the world didn’t make it to top by just creating products and selling them. They were able to be recognized around the world because of their marketing and promotion. Let’s take example the Coca-Cola which is very popular not just in the country but in the whole world. They make use of advertising, with the help of technology like the television, social media platforms, bill boards and other electronic-based promotions. The well-known brand “Nike” which is being end

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