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Human Rights Issues and Public Health (Essay Sample)


wHAT are the impacts of human rights to healthcare provision


Human Rights Issues and Public Health
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Human Rights Issues and Public Health
In the healthcare industry, human rights have been associated with maintaining human dignity and justice. The public health sector uses human rights in ways that promote social justice and population health. Under these concerns, the human rights application in the public health sector contributes directly to the health outcomes of the patients. In some incidents, the application of human rights resorts to limitations of healthcare procedures used on patients. Experts consider human rights influence on public health as both beneficial and harmful.
Positive Impacts
Human rights-based healthcare approaches and healthcare provision sets clear principles that can be used in evaluating healthcare provision services. Additionally, the approaches reduce discrimination and unjust practices that could develop into inequitable healthcare provision. Therefore, the overall design of human rights-based healthcare services is strategically made to improve healthcare quality and improve the enjoyment of the patients receiving the services (Liao, 2019). Precisely, human resource services improve accountability, equality and non-discrimination, and staff participation in different programmed cycles. Human rights also ensure clarity in the core elements of the right to health, making people universally indivisible and interdependent. Human rights in healthcare impact the quality of healthcare services by ensuring timeliness, safety, efficiency, equitability, and efficiency.
Negative Impacts
Unfortunately, some of the application methods used to enforce human rights in healthcare have significant limitations. For instance, the non-retrogression concept limits patients from exercising their cultural

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