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Nurses working more hours Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


the task is about why nurses should not work for more hours .


Effects of Working for More Hours During Shifts.
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Effects of Working for More Hours During Shifts.
Whether nurses should work for longer shifts and the effects on their productivity has been a topic that has caused a debate in recent years. Nurses are now increasingly working for more than twelve hours in many medical institutions than the regular shifts of eight to twelve hours. Mostly, nurses’ working shifts are unpredictable with patients fluctuating needs and also unanticipated changes in staffing. As a result, nurses are forced to put in more time beyond their typical shift lengths. Despite shift length regulations for individuals in most industries, no working hours guidelines have been set for registered nurses nationally. Combining the long shifts with overtime and rotational shifts between day and night puts nurses at a risk of burnout and fatigue, which in return results in a compromise of the quality of services offered to patients.
Several studies have been done over the years to prove that longer shifts can lead to poor services due to nurses' fatigue. Although most nurses work overtime voluntarily and some are comfortable with the overtime, most nurses prefer working for less than12 hours, especially during the day. A nurse working for more than 12 hours with little or no rest is likely to cause some mistakes while attending to the patients, which could cost a hospital a lot (Waddill-Goad, 2016). Lack of sleep may cause a decline in cognitive functioning, which affects concentration and memory skills. Hence, a nurse working for up to 13 hours or more is likely to forget some details required for patient charts and lack focus when treating or giving instructions to a patient.

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