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Big Business (Monopolies) and Exploitation of Workers History Essay (Essay Sample)


Explain if big business leaders were "captains of industry," "shrewd businessmen," or "robber barons." Based on one of the resources noted for this option, assess American working conditions and exploitation of workers in the Age of Industry. Analyze the role that government played in reforming American working conditions. Explain the benefits of the Federal Government regulations of monopolies. Analyze which progressive presidents attained economic justice and reform for workers. must use at least 2 reference sources


Monopolies and Exploitation of Workers Case Study
Monopolies and Exploitation of Workers Case Study
Were big business leaders "captains of industry," "shrewd businessmen," or "robber barons?"
It is quite accurate to describe the big business leaders of the 19th century as both “Captains of Industry” and “Robber Barons.” These are powerful individuals who played a vital role in redefining the character of society during the Gilded Age. Robber Barons used deceptive ways to reach out to the consumers and take advantage of them. In doing so, they reaped great financial success, created more industries, more job opportunities, and, thus contributed to the growth of the economy. The big business leaders are people whose interests were purely fixed on their desire to earn more profit every year. They used all shrewd means there is to climb their way up and, in the process, made billions of dollars that enabled them to dominate their respective industries (OpenStax, 2019). During this period, the small business could not compete against the economies of scale that the large industries that the big business leaders had created enjoyed. For instance, the low prices that the big business leaders used to control the market drove small businesses away. The actions of big business leaders had a significant economic impact whose impact can be felt even today. Therefore, it is justifiable to call them the “Captains of Industry” and “Robber Barons.”

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