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Healthcare Delivery and Cross Cultural Perspectives (Essay Sample)


The task was to Discuss the healthcare worker’s privacy and confidentiality in ensuing all workers are safe in the worksite. the sample is about Healthcare Delivery and Cross Cultural Perspectives.


Healthcare Delivery and Cross Cultural Perspectives
Healthcare Delivery and Cross Cultural Perspectives
1 Discuss the healthcare worker’s privacy and confidentiality in ensuing all workers are safe in the worksite?
Confidentiality and privacy are the key beliefs in professional health services. Their importance is accentuated in several laws and policies within the health care system, in which the ethical codes of conduct, protection of privacy, and confidentiality of healthcare workers are ensured to be safe in the healthcare workplace. The main argument in this context is that, privacy and confidentiality of healthcare workers cannot be approached and examined only from employee’s point of view, but also the employer’s excellent point must be taken into consideration, and that the information has various magnitudes. According to Heikkinenet al. (2006), privacy and confidentiality are vital concepts in healthcare. This is because the Hippocratic School of medicine oath makes it mandatory for health care workers to keep private information confidential because of the patient-doctor association. Therefore, to maintain privacy and preserve confidentiality, healthcare providers should respect patients’ self-sufficiency, stand for by their responsibilities to give in return patients trust and uphold public assurance in the supplier relationship.
Additionally, in professional healthcare services, confidentiality and privacy are regarded significant premises in various acts, ethical codes of conducts, and laws (Heikkinenet al., 2006). On the other hand, breaching medical discretion and privacy of the patient can be checked as unethical (Resnik, 2010). This is for the reason that it can root severe harm to loss of job, favoritisms, and embarrassment to the enduring, and discernment, which in this case is similar to Sara’s condition. Considering Sara’s situation, it highly recommended that healthcare workers of professional should multilaterally cooperate to ensure perennial ethical difficulty of how to fulfill the employer’s expectation and at the same time serve the interest of employee as a patient. In this case, the combined preventive and ambulatory care in the provision of healthcare services is said to be susceptible to breaches of privacy that might have led to Sara’s situation. The methods are also believed to deliver valuable occasion to escalate work related difficulties, work experiences, and the administrative environment.
2 Describe the role of Manger versus a leader in this scenario and how this situation should be handled.
Releasing patient’ information to others should be with only with the patient’s permission or law. The main aim of upholding confidentiality and privacy is to make certain that only authorized an individual to have right to use the information. In exceptional scenarios, the healthcare worker may breach patient confidentiality to avoid serious risk of considerable harm to other. In Sara’s case, breaching of Sara’s information was to prevent another severe risk that might have caused his/her workers damage. Therefore, the resolution to reveal patient’s data should not be in haste or exclusive of full attention and deliberation of all worried regarding the state of affairs. To value patient’s privacy and confidentiality does not pursue from a declaration by a manager; however, individual leaders can make measures more effectual. Managers should only ensure communication of specifics about insurances and then manifest an inviolable allegiance to that policy via their conduct.
According to Health and Social Care Information Centre (2013), individuals using healthcare services merit very much more than just security information. Both health workers should comprise of a team who are responsible for caring about sharing information and efficiently. It is the role of the manager to ensure that healthcare employees are risk-free and their privileges are confined. In this case, as noted by Slipicevic and Masic (2012), health managers demanded to execute composite managerial duties both the current healthcare delivery and standard healthcare setting, keeping in mind that previous limits between administrative and medical direction are tardily withering.
Separately, leaders in t

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