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Ways of Protecting Nature from Human Activities Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Conduct a research on ways of protecting nature from human activities


Ways of Protecting Nature from Human Activities
Human activities, also known as anthropogenic activities among environmental scientists, account for the largest share of degradation of nature. Through the various activities of man, the environment has suffered degradation thereby making it less habitable for both human beings as well as wildlife. The various activities of human beings are responsible for extinction of a number of wildlife species and also largely contributed to climate change. This paper argues that human activities have led to loss of biodiversity, climate change, pollution, deforestation and decrease in quality of air and water among others. It further argues that in light of this, there are various ways of protecting nature from these anthropogenic activities which include: use of public transport as opposed to private transport; reduction of use of agricultural pesticides and herbicides; and recycling and reuse of water among others CITATION Har16 \l 2057 (Harvey).

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