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New Life & Family (Essay Sample)


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Family is the one who developed and supports you in life. It doesn't matter have big or small you have. Being a family is not only determine by blood, you can also find them with your friends. Not everyone are fortunate to have a blood related family. However, those who do, sometimes chose to stay away from them. Some of them are people who don't realized what are they missing but most of them are from abusive family and chose to have independent life.
In my case my family served as the first school to the me where I learns about various things. In other words, I'm a reflection of my family. Most of the good habits and manners I have incorporated are from my family. I'm very blessed to have them with me. I owe my life to them and with all my heart I will do my best to give back all the support they need.
Next to family the greatest bond anyone can have is friendship. Anyone can have big or small circle of friends. Friendship starts between people showing same care, love, happiness, and respect to each other.
My genuin friendship with my best friend starts when we realized that we are already free of any judgements, we can be by ourself completely without the fear of being judged. Our friendships never stops in bad times but grow more and also motivate each other.
Everyone have a one true love or sometimes called soulmate. The feeling that no one can explain and bring you to new world, a world just for the two of you full of dreams and happiness. Building and reaching goals together.
Me being inlove can't make myself imagine life without him. I feel like a puzzle completed when I found the him. It's feels like we are perfectly fit for eachother that no one can separate us. We made so much happy memories together.
Finding love is one of the most wonderful feelings one could ever have it inspires and motives people to the best version of their self, but not all relationships are successful. Being in a toxic relationship can make you forget those who really care for you and also yourself because of the world you build between the two of you.
Having my experience in this kind of failed relationship, I realized that I lost those people who really care and stands for me all the time. I became blind to see that he was using me to get what he wants because he knows that I love him. The moment I realized this I'm hurt and broken. I feel so much pain that time but I told to myself that those experiences could also be useful to become better. And I promise to my self that I won't let it happen to me again.
After the heart break you will see who's really there for you. It's also an opportunity for

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