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EDU 145 NT 1-Child Development II

Final Exam Study Guide

1. What was Vygotsky’s belief regarding the role of a teacher?

2. Is TV always a negative influence on children?

3. What are the statistics regarding emotional and behavior disorders when comparing boys and girls?

4. Can young children remember a lot of information if given clues?

5. The average child grows ___ inches in height and gains between __ and __ pounds a year during early childhood.

6. When should a child should be able to skip while alternating feet?

7. ______ motor skills include the child’s ability to stack cubes, reach for objects, and draw a person.

8. _______ attention involves action planning, allocating attention to goals, error detection and compensation, monitoring progress on tasks, and dealing with novel or difficult circumstances.

9. What types of emotional and behavior disorders exist in middle and late childhood?

10. What is the function of the school?

11. What role do peer relations play in a child’s development?

12. What is mainstreaming?

13. Do adolescence explore sex?

14. How does the rate of adolescent drug use in the U.S. compare with other industrial nations?

15. Are adolescents increasing their use of contraceptives?

16.True or False? Gardner’s Eight Frames of Mind are: verbal, mathematical, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, playfulness, restfulness, naturalist.

17. What is the practice of positive parenting?

18. What are some of the ways in which a child’s self-esteem can be increased?

19. What are some effective strategies for improving relationships among ethnically diverse students?

20. The transition to middle/junior high coincides with __

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