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Negative Effects to Mental Health of Working From Home


The sudden onset of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and its’ extremely high transmission and contagion rates caused many social changes throughout the world. It quickly became a pandemic causing nations all over the world to set up infection prevention and intervention measures in an effort to reduce infection and death rates.

Social distancing is one method used to stop the spread of the disease. The idea being for people to stay far enough apart from one another as so not to spread the disease with air borne droplets. For that method to be effective, social distancing is necessary in all settings, including the workplace. Whenever possible, employers set up the ability for employees to work from home exclusively while the pandemic was in full force and social distancing was necessary to protect individual’s health and the health of others. This paper will investigate the negative effects of mental health due to individuals working from home when they have previously socialized in a workplace setting.

Transitioning to working from home was initially considered a step forward for personal health during the pandemic. And it certainly does have it pros and cons. (

Some of the positives include a time savings in things such as to and from commutes, making the day seem longer for other things. It allowed people to take children to and from school, have dinner on the table somewhat sooner and have more time to relax. (

Businesses began to see that most people were just as productive, if not more working from home as in the office. A survey done in February 2021 found that 56% of people working from home were happier and felt that had a better work-life balance. (

However, other studies have found that people working from home feel that it’s not all sunshine and roses. Some have found that four out of five remote workers did not have a better work-life balance and had trouble leaving their work projects in the evening. (

According to the r

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