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cultural works

(Times new roman 12 point) Overview It is time to take a virtual field trip! For this short answer assignment, visit any of the galleries in the Resources section for this week . Choose two cultural works that catch your attention, and respond to the prompt below. Prompt Craft your answer with the considerations below. Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria: 1. Choose two cultural works that catch your attention. Identify the name of each cultural work and describe why you chose each one. Share a link for each. 2. Compare your chosen works. How do you think each cultural work reflects its time period? Point to specific details that you see to relate them to elements of culture, such as what is valuable or meaningful to a group of people or what elements reflect history, beliefs, experiences, or other effects of culture. 3. Now state a question about key aspects of human culture in relation to one of the cultural works selected. For example, what does a specific urn tell us about the nature of death? 4. Then, briefly explain how you might go about doing research to find an answer to your question. For example, what keywords might you use in your search, where might you begin your research, or whom might you consult ?

Jennifer Donaldson07/24/2022

Professor John Hebble

Hum-100 Module 3

The cultural works I have chosen was from The Henry Ford Museum.

The First cultural work the one that stood out most was Henry Fords first ever attempt to build a gasoline-powered automobile which was called The Quadricycle. He built this quadricycle in 1896.

Details of the 1896 Ford Quadricycle

Make & Model: 1896 Ford Quadricycle runabout

Maker: Henry Ford, Detroit, Michigan, with David Bell, James Bishop, George Cato, and Edward Huff

Engine: inline-2, F-head valves, 59 cubic inches

Transmission: 2-speed manual

Height: 45 inches

Wheelbase: 49 inches

Width: 45.5 inches

Overall length: 78.5 inches

Weight: 500 pounds

Horsepower: 4 at 500 revolutions per minute (estimated)

Pounds per horsepower: 125

My second cultural artifact which is the 1914 Ford model T Touring car which henry ford gave to a friend, a naturalist John Burroughs.

Details on the 1914 Ford Model T

Make & Model: 1914 Ford Model T touring car

Maker: Ford Motor Company, Detroit, Michigan

Engine: inline-4, L-head valves, 177 cubic inches

Transmission: 2 speed manual

Height: 76 inches

Width: 65 inches

Wheelbase: 100 inches

Overall length: 134.5 inches

Weight: 1200

Horsepower: 20 at 1600 revolutions per minute

Pounds per horsepower: 60

Price: $550

Average 1914 wage: $627

Time you'd work to buy this car: about 10-1/2 months

In 1904 The Ford Motor company became successful and henry ford bought his quadricycle vehicle back for $65. In 1914 Ford Motor company experienced a milestone year and which the automaker henry ford himself fully implemented the moving assembly line at its highland park plant and it i

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