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Pollution and the Death of Man

Write an essay including at least three separate chapters from the book Pollution and the death of Man. Dr. Parish College of the Ozarks

The main argument that Schaeffer is making in his book Pollution and the Death of Man is as Christians we need to have understanding, insight, and respect for nature. We see this argument throughout the book, “I ought to “feel” a relationship to the tree… train people in our churches… on the side of God’s infinity and our finiteness we really are one with the tree!” In just these sentences alone we see all of Schaeffer’s arguments for feeling a relationship with nature which gives us as Christians an understanding of nature. Then we can become insightful by training our churches so that they can pass their knowledge on to the community. Lastly, we earn a respect for nature when we realize that we are just like the tree. “All things, including man, are equal in their origin” Although we were not created equal with the tree, the tree and man were both created by God.

Schaeffer states a few ways that our care or respect for nature has a reflection on how we believe in redemption and how we are to act as if we have

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