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Allegations against the present accused persons are that they entered into the house of the complainant. The accused, also outraged the modesty of the complainant and caused injuries on her body. Hence, this case was registered.

2. Learned P.I for state, notice u/s 249-A Cr. P C, that, in view of compromise, the matter be proceeded, further or otherwise.

3. I have heard the learned P.I for state and gone through the record of the case with his assistance.

4. It further transpires that, complainant of the case appeared before the court on 08.02.2019, and recorded her statement to have effected compromise with accused persons and raised no objection on the acquittal. Affidavit further contain that, the complainant is no more interested to pursue the case.


Khyber Medical University

Institute of Health Sciences, Islamabad

Mid Term Examination Fall 2022

Time: 90 min

Paper: English-1 Marks: 20

-59690024955500Name: Father name: Discipline:


1: Attempt the MCQs on this sheet.

2: Use Black and blue ball points or marker for shading only one circle for correct option.

3: No mark will be awarded for cutting, erasing, over writing and multiple circles shading.

Q: Choose the Correct option i.e. A, B, C or D.

3429001295401: A is mainly a doing word.

A. Verb

B. Conjunction

C. Noun

D. None of them

1661160147320002: My brother is fond cricket.

A. To

B. Of

C. For

D. None of the above

24307801568453: Ram as well as his brothers coming today.

A. Are

B. Were

C. Is

D. Have been

2004060120650004: Second-hand furniture here at reasonable prices.

A. Are sold

B. Has sold

C. Were sold

D. Is sold

1676401149355: Chinese language is difficult.

A. The

B. A

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