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Essay on jumper down

Main topic in the text and the most important phrases and words used short story jumper down by Don Shea

Boy’s Brain Functioning Normally 3 Years after Lobectomy

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Boy’s Brain Functioning Normally 3 Years after Lobectomy


Lobectomy refers to removal of a brain lobe. The most applied type of surgery is temporal lobectomy and then the frontal lobectomy. Among the surgeries with the highest chance of success are lobectomies. They aid in preventing seizures when done to children. Temporal lobectomies have the highest chance of success compared to the frontal lobectomies.

Data however suggests that approximately 70% of children that have been exposed to frontal lobectomies have implied an improved seizure management in that even those that may need to use a combination of medicine, the dosages are often lower. Prior to the surgery, the children are offered anesthesia and a part of their head shaved. During the lobectomy, an incision is done to allow for a skull removal, craniotomy. A procedure referred to as intraoperative intracranial EEG monitoring is conducted to show the position of the brain seizures and afterwards the brain membrane is closed and the scalp closed.

After lobectomy, the boy stays in the Intensive care unit until they stabilize enough to move to the nursing unit. The person will be monitored for pulse and blood pressure. Afterwards, the boy remains in the hospital for between five to seven days. Further monitoring is carried out for the next few months to check on presence of seizures or any long term conditions.

A boy that has undergone lobectomy functions normally after the surgery: the brain adapts to the initial behavior. In case of epilepsy, the doctor needs to remove a lobe in the occipital lobe that is responsible for visual functioning. In three -years -time, the brain parts recover and the face, visual and object recognition skills remain normal for a boy his age.

In 2018, August Mandal wrote a case study report known as (Even after Lobectomy a Child’s Brain Rewires to Compensate for the lost Parts) which talks of a story about a boy of age 11 years called UD. UD suffered the first epileptic seizure at the age of four years. Doctors tried medication and other treatments in order to control the seizures but it did not work. Seizure is a sudden and uncontrolled electrical disturbance in human brain. This defects is as a result of a low-grade brain tumor. It might cause changes in your behavior, feelings, movements, and the level of consciousness. When one have two or more seizures which are at least 24 hours apart, this situation is known as epilepsy.

As a last resort, at the age of 6 years and 10 months-shortly before his seventh birthday, he had an operation in which surgeons removed a third of the right hemisphere of his brain. Thi

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Essay on jumper down

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