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Literature & Language
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literary analysis


Closely look through at least 5 different picture books. Discuss how the illustrations extend the story’s meaning beyond the words. Note the effect of the artist’s choice of medium, style, and color; look for content details present in the pictures books








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The clause “picture book” is often used in describing a book that is mostly written for the children and its content is delivered by use of pictures and words combination or only pictures. (Damayanti, Ika Lestari et al 2020) The wordless picture books are entirely told through their illustrations. This offers an opportunity for literacy-wealthy discussions. The readers can listen, speak and construct their narrative in their expression. Sharing of picture books also fortifies the recommendation that in multiple books, the story and the pictures are connected. An elementary-aged pupil usually appreciates writing their primary story to go along with a picture book. This essay is discussing how the illustrations widen the story meaning beyond the word in various picture books.

One of the picture books is a book known as Bark, George. The picture book was written by Jules Feiffer. (Arter, Lisa Maxwell 2019) The pictures in the book rupture with the kind of comprehensive physical comedy which offers fun to a lot of children when they are reading it. The artist chooses this medium to pass the information in pleasant ways that will be more interesting and attractive. The style of writing and the color used helps to form an imaginary picture in the mind of the child. It helps the young reader to form an image of how George looks like.

The content of the picture book is delivered simply and easily understood by the children. The writer outlines a playful framework of a puppy who is not able to say “arf”. The depictions are prominent with not many details in the background but the unobtrusive narrative. So as the story goes, George’s mother tells hi

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literary analysis

by Antony Gatheca 1 pages uploaded: 2022-08-06 01:39:00
Literature & Language
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