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Leading People and Team, honesty, confidence, commitment, delegation, communication and ability to inspire people


The essay introduce about the overall leadership style of leadership by considering the movie i.e. Invictus. In relation to the discussion, textbooks, assignments and Invictus, the leadership of Nelson Mandela is more of inspiring other and being an example for them. His leadership was based on clear and strong value, which was cherished by a trustful climate with involving more of open communication (Senge, Hal and John, 27-33).

Nelson Mandela demonstrates transformational leadership; his ultimate intention of reuniting a nation that was ragged by racial discrimination was the main transformation that changed the nation’s face completely. In this movie, Mandela exemplifies his people-oriented style of leadership; he was capable to inspire people to believe in themselves, he structured a strategic vision of a better future and was very good at vision communication ever since the start of his mandate (Pietersen, 60-66).

On his initial day, he observed each and every employee who were leaving their job, then after he organized a meeting to communicate his vision and motivate them to retain and encouraged a shared goal. At the time when, the black security guards were not happy regarding being pressurized to work with the whites, Nelson Mandela in this situation explained them about his main of a racially united South Africa.

The personal leadership style of Mandela lies in his warmth and the manner by which he treats each and everyone with respect, appreciation and dignity that is completely charming. The essence of leadership, according to Nelson Mandela, leadership is inclusive of enabling more to expect more of myself, and to consider team inspiration to become their best and be better than they anticipate being (Arora, Gwendolyn and Janet, 233-251).

The leadership traits of Nelson Mandela include open-mind, visionary, informed, humble and polite. By considering the movie, President Nelson Mandela brilliantly reflected task oriented as well as individual oriented styles in his pursuit to establish the nation as a while (Sternlight, 281). He aimed to modify the Springboks image for the Black natives and wanted the assistance of Pienaar.

Nelson Mandela per

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