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reflective journal

Reflective journals are personal records of students' learning experiences. Students typically are asked by their instructors to record learning-related incidents, sometimes during the learning process but more often just after they occur.

Individual Reflective Journal

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Table of Contents

TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc116902284 \h 3

CPD in Communication skills: verbal and written PAGEREF _Toc116902285 \h 3

CPD in Teamwork and networking PAGEREF _Toc116902286 \h 4

CPD in The use of ICTs PAGEREF _Toc116902287 \h 4

CPD in Time and self-management PAGEREF _Toc116902288 \h 5

CPD in Problem-solving skills PAGEREF _Toc116902289 \h 5

CPD in Research skills PAGEREF _Toc116902290 \h 5

Kolb’s Reflective Cycle PAGEREF _Toc116902291 \h 6

Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc116902292 \h 7

References PAGEREF _Toc116902293 \h 8


The most crucial aspect of someone's life is their personal growth since it aids in accomplishing their long-term objectives. A person's growth leads to excellent health and a brighter future for that person. This journal's discussion on the CPD Continuing Professional Development and the many methods it employs. Additionally, we'll talk about verbal and written research skills with the use of ICTs, teamwork, networking, timekeeping, and self-management skills along with problem-solving abilities. We'll use examples to better explain it. Kolb’s Reflective Cycle is also taken into consideration for in-depth study in order to reflect the research and practices with a clear explanation. The deliberate upkeep and development of the data and capacities expected to work in an expert climate are known as proceeding with the proficient turn of events, or CPD. This could involve working on one's current capacities, lifting them to another level, or getting new ones that would empower one's business job to develop or situate one for a planned advancement. There are CPD prerequisites in most occupations. Since they ensure a labor force that is continuously developing, most organizations and associations progressively focus on them. This shows that a huge number of experts in the UK are supposed to partake in proceeding training programs every year. I will examine how the module are going to class, utilizing Kolb's reflective cycle, has worked on my accomplishment of the accompanying employability and review abilities: verbal and composed correspondence, research abilities, the utilization of ICTs, cooperation and systems administration, time and self-administration, and critical thinking abilities (Bwanga, 2020).

Kolb's reflective learning cycle is a precise educational experience that consolidates practice or experience learning and the procurement of basic ideas whose application can be utilized in different settings. Furthermore, it is indicated in a four-step process that starts with participating in a learning movement, is trailed by reflection on or survey of the experience, and is then finished up by the use of the information acquired in the genuine world (Urrechaga, 2020).

CPD in Communication skills: verbal and written

The limit with regards to effective oral, composed, and nonverbal communication (to illuminate, educate, and persuade), as well as the ability to tune in for importance and appreciation, are parts of verbal and composed communication. The advancement of oral or spoken relational abilities has enormously profited from participating in open-ended question sessions. Taking part in bunch discussions and introductions has additionally assisted me with further developing my relational abilities since I need to express and judiciously back my contentions plainly. As indicated by Kolb's reflective model, relational abilities might be learned very much like some other capacity. Creating charming relational abilities will empower me to effectively explore interviews by answering inquiries and presenting composed ones with the appropriate responses. Just honestly, correspondence is the groundwork of movements of every kind or cycle completed inside any hierarchical construction. My capacity to absorb the material and complete guidelines effectively will significantly expand my employability (Giridharan, 2022).

CPD in Teamwork and networking

Having a capacity that significantly increased and sustains strategic partnerships in order to operate efficiently as either a group via mutual accountability, esteem and awareness to achieve a common objective for such benefit. By relegating obligations really, the collaboration will take utilization of part assortment to reinforce each other's singular weak spots. Taking part in school occasions, particularly with people in my space, assists understudies with fostering their systems administration abilities. The relationship I've made or made will help me in accomplishing my objectives. I may energetically partake in local area-based exercises that guide in friendly capital turn of events. Moreover, most organizations have professional focuses, which frequently offer free materials on connections, temporary jobs, and business. When school, abilities to organize and collaborate are essential for work progression. At the point when I help to create results, teamwork and increments confidence encourages kinship and further develop how really the firm in general works (Peleman, 2020).

CPD in The use of ICTs


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