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Social Change Reflection Paper

At the beginning of the semester, each student signed up for a social movement on Canvas (5 students per group). This reflection paper requires all students to participate in researching and analyzing their chosen social movement. Each group member will write their own research paper analyzing the social movement they signed up for at the beginning of the semester. Research information must come from legitimate sources, primarily academic ones, and can be from a variety of resources, such as books, web sites, journal articles, interviews, etc. The purpose of the reflection paper is to provide a socio-historical perspective on that particular movement. The bulk of the paper will be to provide a discussion of the social and cultural issues surrounding the movement, a discussion of the importance and effectiveness of the tactics used in the movements, and address the success or failure of the movement with regards to tactics and change. As a reference point, you can refer to chapters 7, 8 and 9 in your textbook. These chapters not only provide some historical knowledge of a number of movements but also individual, micro and macrostructural explanations of these movements. You will also be expected to do your own research in finding articles, websites, educational readings that provide content regarding your social movement to answer the questions in the assignment. The following are questions you should highlight/focus on as you set up your paper: - What defines a social movement? (organizational form, goals, tactic and participants) -Do social movements matter? Why does your social movement matter? -What strategies and tactics does your social movement employ/use to fulfill its objectives? -What accounts for the variation in tactics and strategies across your movement? -Who participates in your social movement? - How did our social movement decide who to recruit and why? -How do differences (social, race, class, gender, sexuality, etc.) in the people that have chosen to participate in your social movement account for differences in tactics, narratives, successes, and failures in your movement? Who or what did your movement target? Was your movement successful in its objectives (mission)? What are some of the failures your movement experience? What does the future look like for your movement? Instructions Answer each question in the prompt with as much detail as possible (provide refences in ASA format- see link below for citation format instructions). Provide citations and reference page. American Sociological Association Citation Format Links to an external site. to an external site. to an external site.) The paper should be uploaded as a doc file (only) and should be at least 3-5 pages (double spaced, Times Roman, 12 in font) (can be longer). Refer to the attached rubric for grading details. (Click the Settings icon in the upper right-hand corner of the assignment.) Access to the assignment will close 24 hours after the due date/time. Assignments posted late (within 24 hours after due date) will be docked 5% per hour. No makeups after 24 hours after due date. This assignment aligns with Module 6, objectives 1-6.

Digital Feminism and Social Change

Tereska Smith

Professor: Flores

SYP 3400

November 10,2022

Digital Feminism and Social Change

Social movements are organized efforts by a large group to impede or bring social change. Digital feminism, like any other social movement, is defined by its activities aimed at gaining social support by influencing knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes. Digital feminism began in 2012 after the creation of the Everyday Feminism Project by Laura Betts, encouraging women to write about social evils such as sexual harassment and workplace discrimination (Jain, 2020). The digital feminism movement is a virtual space created by victims of different forms of discrimination to express their pain and isolation from society (Ureta, Terradilos, and Gras, 2021). The movement attempts to inform society about the ills meted on women by the patriarchial system. Digital feminism forms part of the fourth wave of feminism facilitated by technology (Ureta, Terradilos, and Gras, 2021). This paper aims to elucidate the significance and strategies used by digital feminism in bringing social change in society.

Importance of the movement

The movement elicits positive feelings among the participants and encourages them to take action in society. The information provided gives the participants a chance to perform a cost-benefit analysis of the actions they are going to undertake (Foster et al., 2019). The feedback loop making women feel better after partaking in digital activism makes them continue agitating for change. Social media use for activism empowers women to have a voice after initiating change from the comfort of their homes and offices (Foster et al., 2019). Women and young ladies are inspired to take more initiative by voicing their concerns to their online colleagues.

Digital feminism influences future calls for collective action by rallying women for a common cause. Online platforms have created a free solidarity space for women to explore (Ureta, Terradilos, and Gras, 2021). Perceived power created online influences the development of plans for social action. Social media platforms have enabled the easy establishment of networks among various stakeholders involved in the movement. Stronger cooperation has been established by feminists online when their activities promote public engagements (Ureta, Terradilos, and Gras, 2021). These efforts have made some of the grievances presented by women be taken up by civil society and finally getting laws enacted to deal with those issues.

Strategies used by the movement

The movement has been using social media platforms to promote its agenda by creating hashtags. The main strategy employed is consen

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