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The Self-Determination Right of Palestinians and Kashmiris: Critical Appraisals (Research Proposal Sample)


This is the research proposal for the graduate degree in international relations

The Self-Determination Right of Palestinians and Kashmiris: Critical Appraisals
Syeda Laraib Gilani
Roll #01
Department of International Relations, B.Z.U.
This research will elaborate the scheme and purpose of the research to be carried out under the title named as “The Self-Determination Right of Palestinians and Kashmiris: Critical Appraisals” this topic which is chosen is unique in itself as not much work is done on this topic regarding discussion of the self-determination of rights of Kashmiris and Palestinians on the same page and critically evaluating the substance and the legal reasons that if there any possibilities to give the right to determination to these sacrificing people who are at the verge of routinely damages to their lives, relatives, infrastructure, education, development in any socio-political or economic sector in any way because of the schedule of routinely massacre of people as a consequence of demanding their separate identity to be prevailed and accepted autonomously as other free and independent identity world communities. Keeping in view, the struggle and the core long-drawing conflicts in the world from Middle East and South Asia regions, carries greater significance to be put into lime light proceeding to their stance of self-determination for this reason I am going to use the qualitative research method based on the sources from internet as I cannot by myself visit these places for making my research based on primary data thus, the secondary sources will be used to carry out this research work with help of theoretical foundations given as a supportive and providing fundamental practicalities to my research work. This will be an academic research so keeping my work within certain boundaries the literature review will be kept under consideration. The main aim for this research is dealing with the right of self-determination of both the Palestinians and Kashmiris so after their brief historical knowledge, I will keep the topic rotates around the legal implications and evaluations and what are the certainties which are lagging in these conflict to make it to its success as the self-determination is that peculiar right which has been given by the nature as well as documented as the charter of united nations for human rights and in the covenant of civil, political and social rights, so what are those obstacles which are paving way to cruelties and brutalities over the lives of innocent freedom seeker and what are those circumstances which are infuriating the situations and making those freedom seekers as freedom fighters.
The statement of problem which urged me to choose this topic for research is really meek that if the legal implications still have the potential to have an active impact over the issue of self-determination rights provision to Kashmiris and Palestinians when issue of Palestine conflict has also been part of international court of justice trial on various issues and Kashmir dispute has been addressed through united nations organizations resolutions.
Then comes the point of presupposition which I evolved as assumptions to be there to view the case in which dimension direction and lens then there raised three hypothetical statements which I would like to prove in my research that whether the first statement which I made as being positivist/pacifist* and liberal scholar that these conflicts like Palestine-Israel conflict and Kashmir dispute can be resolved if the international communities pay affectionate heed to these matter relating the privileged to be enjoyed as the free people having their own identity to be known of in the world and enjoying all those normal rights and duties as per the nationals of other statehoods. Or the seconds assumption which I located to reach the conclusions which will prove either the issues can not be resolved and further will be pushed towards the worse circumstances or the other conjecture can be deduced as results will be unimpeachable regarding the self-determination right to Palestinians and Kashmiris and they had to fight till the end of this world as no major power of the world or regions want these two issues to be resolved because of their own regional interests or these freedom seekers will have to accept the subordination of Israel and Indians respectively.
The theories which will be supporting my stance over this self-determination right cases will be:
* Justice system theory
* Legal framework theory
The questions which I raised regarding the research work will be related to the na...
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