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Recruiting for Diversity

You and your partner receive a call for a family disturbance at the home of a family who immigrated from Saudi Arabia. The father and 21-year old daughter were the parties involved in the disturbance over a disagreement about her immodest outfit that she was wearing. As you enter the home the father immediately confronts you and holds out his right hand with his palm down as if pushing you towards the den off of the main entry.

Kyesha Howard

CRIM 210: Multicultural Policing

November 6, 2022

Recruiting for Diversity

The strategies I would like to propose on hiring minorities and women I will go by developing a strategic marketing plan, host a policing career fair for men and women of different minorities, obtain free positive media coverage for the career fair and the police department, develop and mailing/posting of brochures/flyers/posters to targeted recruitment list of women and attend Historically Black Colleges and University.

First, I would attend some where women are likely to physically fit such as gyms, women’s sport teams, outdoor clubs, outing stores, martial art schools, adult sports leagues, soccer clubs, etc. Attending these types of establishments seeking to recruit women that are physically able to endure the work and the physical fitness requirements that are part of the process. Second, I would try to recruit women that are in the military because they already know what to expect when it come to training, shotting range, the physical fitness, and just the hirin

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Social Sciences
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