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Analyzing a Problem

In Module 12 we are introduced to several basic statistics used in Crime Analysis. For this assignment you are to go online and locate the frequency and rate (which is the frequency compared to population) of residential burglaries for calendar year 2019 for the city in which you reside (these may be found on local police websites or through the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report). Then locate the frequency and rate for residential burglaries for five other cities that are either bordering your city or in the same county as your city. Provide a chart (columns should be City, Population, Frequency, Rate) for the data you locate and then describe in narrative form how your city compares to the other cities in you chart. Identify what step in the SARA process this is. Also, describe as a resident, is the data you discovered alarming? If so, what role would an analyst play in addressing the problem of residential burglaries? At the end of the assignment please provide links to where you ascertained your data from.

Dieondray Collins


CJE 4663

November 8, 2022

The data shows that the rate of residential burglary varies among the cities of Texas. However, the data shows the city where I come from, Abilene, has the highest number of residential burglaries. Although this might be because of its high population, there is no evidence linking the population to its crime rate.

In policing, one of the most crucial skills is problem-solving, and the most effective way to solve it is by using the SARA model. It helps break problems into four steps, making it easy for the police to remember and understand the cause of the problem (Agar, 2022). The SARA model stands for scanning, analysis, response, and assessment. In our case, the step involved is scanning. It is the most critical step in the model because, in this phase, law enforcement uses information provided by the community and

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