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Code Switching

Re-read the knowledge contained in the sections, "Communication Styles and Cultural Practices" and "Key Issues in Law Enforcement" of your textbook, and then:

Write a 500-word paper on how you as a police officer would handle the disturbance and resolve the issues.

Kyesha Howard

Crim 210: Multicultural Policing

November 25, 2022

Code Switching

Dr. Elijah Anderson spoke about code switching, the decent family, and the street family. Dr. Anderson spoke on two distinct types of families that live in the ghetto and one of those families are the “decent” family. This family is a family that instill middle-class values, community work and counteract the influence of the street code. These parents are willing to go out of the way to protect their children and are willing to sacrifice for convenience. The parents will not use physical punishment against their children, but they tend to be extremely strict on their child-rearing practices, to respect others and authorities and to walk a straight moral line. Even the parents, themselves are polite and considerate of others, they teach their children to be the same way. This family is the one that attend church and have a two-parent or single-parent (usually a mother) household, they are the “working poor” family but are better off financially than the “street” oriented family. They tend to defend their families against “street”-oriented neighbors that drinks in public, commit crimes and whom are on welfare.

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Recruiting for Diversity

by Kyesha Howard 2 pages uploaded: 2023-04-03 18:10:00
Social Sciences
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