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gaming and design

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Smartphones and portable handheld gaming devices

Advancement in technology has made it possible for gamers to have numerous options on devices they choose to play games ranging from smartphones to portable gaming consoles. Game developers in the recent past have made gaming easy by developing gaming smartphones and portable handheld gaming devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Play station vita, and PSP. This essay will discuss the notable differences between smartphones and portable handheld gaming devices.

In terms of handling diversity, handheld games are better than smartphones. Almost all types of games can be put and played swiftly on a portable handheld device because one will be able to use the four buttons on the right, a D-pad two or one analog stick, as well as an options menu that allows you to personalize a character, purchase improvements, or get more information about a tale in this devices unlike smartphones which lack this type of luxury as they do not have the necessary buttons to assist one but only a screen. However, one can purchase a similar tool that offers the same function as the portable gaming device, but this is disadvantageous as it comes at an extra cost and may not be compatible with all smartphones.

Gaming experiences in both markets differ significantly; gaming smartphones have a better gaming experience than portable handheld devices, making smartphones famous in the mobile gaming market. Smartphones have better hardware that allows the games to be more cinematic and allows the players to have a longer experienc

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