How To Write A Philosophy Essay

How to Write a Philosophy Essay

Article structure

  1. What is philosophical writing?
  2. Topic choice
  3. Outline sample
  4. Structure 
  5. Sources
  6. Finalizing

What is philosophical writing?

Philosophy essay writing refers to writing aimed to defend a thesis. This means that in philosophical writing, there has to be a specific point that you are trying to establish or you want the reader to accept. Philosophy essay writing gives the reasons why the thesis should be accepted. This is a guide on how to write a good philosophy essay.

How to choose topic for a philosophical writing

Establishing the point of discussion in a philosophy essay is the most difficult part. Topics for a philosophy essay should be thought over as you cannot work with a rough idea. Choose good philosophy essay topics that are factual as they are easier to prove. In so doing ensure that you have an interest in the topic and you are well equipped with the relevant material to source for data. A well researched topic makes you stick to context.

However, there are some philosophical essay topics to choose from in philosophy essay writing:

  • 20th century art;
  • Political theories;
  • Economic times in the medieval era;
  • The place of modern day medicine;
  • Why A students work for B students;
  • The origin of fear and phobias;
  • Critical analysis of law of diminishing returns;
  • Feminism in modern day media;
  • Industrialization at Melfi in the 14th century;
  • Theories of cultural development.

Outline sample for philosophy essay

The philosophy essay outline depends on your thesis statement.

Topic: Feminism in modern day media


Over the years, women were seen as the inferior being. They were seen to belong in the kitchen. Women’s roles were to bring up children, build a family, give birth and be submissive to their husbands. In a council of men, they had no right to speak as it was perceived they would make no sense. But in the modern society, things are different.


Despite the 21st century being a fight for the girl child empowerment, the media still portrays women as the weaker sex indirectly. This thesis looks at feminism theory in communication and media.

  • Women are given small roles in films such as gardeners, cooks and maids. The managerial positions are left for men.
  • Women are seen as objects of sexual satisfaction for men. In the media, women are objectified as sex toys for men to use as they please.


In as much as the media is propagating for equality of men and women, there is a need to fully appreciate the role women play in the society. Women should not hide behind the silence and work twice as hard as men to be recognized.

The outlining of a philosophy essay differs from other essays as it has a very specific outline.

Structure elements

Tips on writing the introduction

The first thing to consider when choosing the introduction for a philosophy essay is to determine how you will convince your reader that your thesis is correct. Present your arguments clearly to the reader. Do not make the mistake of assuming that the reader understands your thesis as well as you. Always choose your philosophy essay topics with care. You might use a draft for philosophy essay to make our points and have a rough idea of the philosophy essay structure.

Make a rational presentation in the philosophy essay introduction; that is; ensure that your opponent’s ideologies do not outshine you. This is important to start off on a strong foot. The reader should be swayed by your words in the first lines. In so doing, assume your reader is intelligent with vivid knowledge about the subject, but is not on your side.

Tips on thesis writing

  • In writing the thesis avoid fence sitting. This refers to a situation where the reader is left hanging. Your thesis should clearly give a stand irrespective of whether or not research had been previously conducted. For this reason, clearly ensure that the reader understands your thesis.
  • Another point to consider is to avoid being vague. Your thesis should not have a different understanding. For example, abortion leads to social ills like death. In this case, death itself is a social ill.

Tips on writing the body

  1. Avoid writing too many arguments in your defense as the reader might find it difficult to keep up. Keep your main points centered on a certain point to avoid the fortress approach. Fortress approach refers to where the arguments come from different points of view.
  2. Dig deeper into the ground of your thesis. It is better to have a narrow scope that is detailed than a thinly spread out argument. Remember that your reader does not have the same insight as you and your essay should stand out. Your paper is all the reader has to refer to and therefore, accurate communication is very crucial. Present your arguments in well structured sentences.
  3. Take notes of clarity, grammar and coherence of paragraphs. Your paper should sound intelligent. Use correct tenses, and have a good vocabulary to color your work. An error in your essay militates against you in all directions.
  4. Avoid long quotations, unless it is absolutely essential. Your reader is after understanding your thoughts and too much paraphrasing kills originality. Make your sentences short.
  5. Ensure that your paragraphs smoothly blend into each other. The essay should sound as natural as possible. To achieve this, you can use connective words such as:
  • In the first place;
  • Correspondingly;
  • By the same token;
  • Henceforth;
  • With this in mind.

Tips on conclusion writing

When writing the conclusion for philosophy essay, ensure that you do not present your opponents as being wrong. Understand that everyone has their own freedoms of expression and they are right to think the way they do. Do not presuppose that yours is the only correct position.

Defend your thesis using a summary of the main points. Make sure that you support these claims, give the reader a reason to believe in. Give credit to other works by citing them properly.

Wrap up your arguments in philosophy essay conclusion by anticipating objections. As everyone is entitled to their own opinion, be flexible and ready to receive criticism. Not everyone will go with your flow as desired.

Sources for essay writing

▪ There are very many places to look for sources of a philosophy essay. Before settling on a source, ensure that it is available readily. Be open-minded and ready to seek philosophy essay help whenever you get stuck.

▪ Journals serve as a good source of philosophical material.

▪ The internet has scholarly articles on different topics. There is a philosophy essay writing help to be used by students. Besides, one can find philosophy essay writing services by professional writers.

▪ Books on philosophy also provide resourceful background information on some topics. They provide ideas for philosophy essay writing.

▪ Consulting the teacher will also help you come up with philosophy essay ideas to write about.

▪ The school library is stocked with all these materials for studying. Is also contains books on philosophy essay guides.

Finalizing the essay

After all is said and done, go through the essay a few times before submitting. Ensure that you cross off all the t’s and dot the Is.  No errors on grammar should be found in your essay. To prevent these, there are applications that can guide you into editing your work

Make relevant citations using the required format. To avoid plagiarism, paraphrase all works that appear to be plagiarized.

Feel free to make additions that you might find necessary or make cut offs for irrelevant points. Ensure that your essay has the required philosophy essay outlining as directed

To make a good philosophy essay, the following should be considered. Following these philosophy essay tips improves your knowledge on how to write a philosophy essay and make sure that your philosophy essay hooks the reader.

  • Have a reasonable defense of a title. Offer an argument that goes beyond your opinions.
  • A good philosophy paper is original. It should show some degree of intelligence.
  • It is modest and straight to the point. A good paper does not beat around the bush.
  • Choose your topic wisely.
  • A good paper should relate the thesis to current affairs or use hypothetical situations.
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