How To Write An Essay on Economics

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How To Write An Essay on Economics

An economics essay is a topical essay focusing on the field of economics. An economic essay is focused on educating, assist in decision making and inform the reader. The economic essay helps countries to manage their resources as they are scarce. An economics essay is important as it explains societal problems such as inflation and unemployment. The essay, in turn, provides a solution, through policy formulation.

Article structure

  1. Preparation
  2. List of possible topics
  3. The structure
  4. Sources
  5. Finalizing

Preparation of writing

When embarking on economic essay writing, the following should be adhered to.

Reading the question carefully. When writing an economic essay, you should understand your topic carefully throughout the economic essay writing. Being on topic is important and it ensures your essay sheds light on all important facts.

Planning. The content of an economic essay should be well thought-out as it creates a flow of your argument. It also provides a clear understanding of the economics essay writing.

Research on the topic. Research provides content for the economic essay. The material can be retrieved from the internet, books, newspapers, and articles.

The following are examples of some of the topics for an economic essay you could explore:

  • How does economics affect the rate of unemployment?
  • Does education stand a chance on improving the economy?
  • How does economic competition, improve the quality of goods and services?
  • Difference between macro and micro economics
  • Decisions are best made on marginal analysis
  • How do demand and supply affect the economic scale?
  • Healthcare and the Role of Prices
  • How does the market force contribute to good outcomes
  • Agricultural role in the economy of a country
  • Effects of the stock market on inflation
  • Players of inflation
  • Effects of government policies on the GDP
  • Contribution of culture on economic stagnation
  • How exports and imports contribute to inflation
  • How politics play a major role in economics
  • Is poverty inevitable?
  • Economics of disease and death
  • Trickle-down effect and where it is seen
  • Should there be a limit on ownership of private property
  • Tourism and its contribution to development.

Finally, the structure is one thing you can’t forget when preparing to write. With the points attained, making them presentable is what remains. The structure helps the economic essay have that polished outlook. An essay should have:

  • the introduction,
  • body,
  • conclusion.

The introduction is what the economic essay writing is all about. The introduction also has material you’ll cover in your essay.

The body is where you present evidence that supports your argument. Reader’s should be able, to get your argument in a clear way.

The conclusion is the final part where you present what you’ve discussed all throughout the essay.

The above economics essay writing tips make writing easier and faster. As a writer, you shouldn’t forget to use economics essay hooks as they capture the attention of the audience. They keep them hooked, and they can read through the piece till completion. The economics essay hooks also break monotony found in the article. If you want to improve your economics essay skills, you have to look up economics essay guide on the internet and books. This gives you an idea on what to write and offers economics essay writing tips. Not to mention, it also provides economics writing help.

Essay structure

As an economics essay structure has an introduction, body and conclusion so do an economics essay writing. The only difference is that an economics essay has a bibliography. The bibliography is only included if the instructions provide that. Coming up with a structure, requires good topics for an economics essay. Economics essay topics can be found on:

  • The internet;
  • Previous research;
  • From brainstorming;
  • Newspaper articles;
  • Books.

Economics essay questions should be easy to understand and to research. For example, are banks necessary?

Below is an example of an outline on the topic “Are banks necessary?”.

Are Banks Necessary?


Do we need banks? The question has been a headache in the field of economics. Economics as a discipline provides the required information on whether a society can do with or without the institution. Banks over the years have proven to be an essential asset to the economy of a country. The essay seeks to explore all why we need banks, what they provide and what we seek to lose if the banks were not there.


Banks are a source of employment and extra resources. They also are an investment tool to bring economic growth. Banks are a part of a social and economic institution that shapes our society. The essay will shed light on the importance of banks and disadvantages if there any.


What are banks? What are the contributions of banks to the society?

Banks serve as sources of employment and bring in the development of infrastructure and other capital material in society.

Through savings, banks tend to invest and also offer loans to governments. The loans are used to sustain the state and help.


Finally, banks are important institutions as they are tools of development. They provide jobs for many directly and indirectly. They foster entrepreneurship and encourage self-employment. Banks are institutions that we can’t do without as they are a part of our life.

Tips on introduction writing

  • An economics essay introduction should capture the audience attention by using writing hooks. This creates a craving for reading more.
  • The introduction should have one paragraph and a thesis statement supporting it. The reader should get the tone and why you are writing the essay.

Tips on thesis writing

  • After an introduction to economics essay, a thesis should follow. The thesis should have questions as they present a tone of the article. They also act as economics essay hooks.
  • Short sentences should also be used as they prevent repetition and show precision.
  • Transition words also should be used. For example, conclusively, moreover etc.

 Tips on body paragraphs

  • The paragraphs should be short.
  • They should also be straightforward
  • Transition words to show the flow should also be there. As they end ideas and show the beginning of another.

Tips on the conclusion

Conclusion of economics essay sums up what has been discussed. Transition words are essential as they show you have completed your essay. Your main ideas should help in stating your case to ensure your audience has got the message.

Sources for Essay Choice

Coming up with an essay choice is difficult. Having the right source is what separates the grain from the chaff. The sources should also have economics essay writing steps to guide you in the process mostly. Your choice of source is preferential. The sources depend on how accessible they are, how affordable and how easy they are to interpret. Below is a list of where to obtain your sources;

  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Research

Finalizing Essay

Once done with the economics essay draft, you should go through the essay to make the necessary revisions. This is done by proofreading and making the necessary changes. In the bibliography, you have to make citations of where you got your content. Finally, choose a topic you enjoy writing and avoid plagiarism.

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