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statement of interest (Essay Sample)


The task was about writing a statement of interest to join World Bank Group

Statement of Interest
Your opening for the area of Economist/Private Sector Development calls for a person like me. My resume indicates clearly that I am a person full of enthusiasm, efficiency, self-drive, and dedication to the work that is assigned to me. I am applying for a job of Economist/Private Sector Development, in World Bank, because I have the ability and keen interest of fostering entrepreneurship in venture capital and analytical skills. Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (ITE) has been my major focus in the area of study, as well as employment experience. This has led to development of effective skills in formulating, as well as implementing measures related to ITE. I have been following global changes in the behavior of entrepreneurs in the business environment. A key observation that I have made is that developing economies have experienced active entrepreneurs in comparison to developed economies. In addition, I have observed that regulatory changes have eased entrepreneurship activities. This has added value to my developed skills of client connectivity and passing of knowledge in the business environment. Moreover, I believe I am competent enough to make judgment and decisions related to entrepreneur business environment.
My objectives include conducting an effective analytical work of the job that I am assigned to perform, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship environment, providing viable strategic solutions to entrepreneurs, and enabling access of knowledge among all entrepreneurs in the business field. As such, the position of Economist/Private Sector Development will aid in the accomplishment of the outlined objectives. However, these objectives shall be integrated with regard to different programs being managed.
I believe that my background training and work experience has prepared me for such a position. My work experience has been at Lamarck, Inc (company that deals with International trade and marketing, and Manufacture outsourcing, in Tokyo, Japan) where I was mandated with the roles of conducting marketing operations for the company. I was responsible of marketing sales in Japan and gave any relevant information related to marketing. This includes consumer preferences for the company products, and consumer reaction towards the company product in Ghana. I have also worked as an intern at International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES)-summer 1997, and EarthSector-summer 2000. IFES is a sub-organization of USAID located in Washington, D.C. The organization focuses on supporting electoral and other democratic institutions in emerging, evolving, and experienced democracies. At IFES, I was involved in preparation of a report on worldwide election related issues, and researched on electoral laws, institutions, and democratic status in East Europe and South-East Asian countries. This led to development of effective report writing, and presentation skills. EarthSector is a private, nonprofit organization established in 2000 to support and consult micro finance institution fundraising, in Tokyo, Japan and New York, United States of America. While at EarthSector, I researched on micro finance market in East Asia and sought donor companies to help micro finance institution. This led to attainment of ¥ 2billion JPY for future support.
The work experience has given a clear insight of entrepreneur environment. In addition, the work experience has enabled me to develop effective skills in conducting research and preparing adequate reports for the research conducted. Limitation of time allocated for each activity has taught me how to plan, and organize work well in order to ensure that all activities are attended to effectively. This has facilitated keeping an up-to-date record of all activities and events undertaken in each day. Moreover, I had to defend my results of the research conducted. This has enabled me to develop e...
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