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It is a pleasure working with us. Below, we define the way we gather, implement, and address your data when you use the website and the services offered.

We at the are doing business globally as “Online Writing and Editing Services.” The company is committed to safeguarding and respecting the privacy of our clients and making sure that personal information (as illustrated in the company’s policy) is processed lawfully and reasonably in agreement with all applicable privacy regulation.

If one is in the EU region, he or she should note that the company has appointed a data protection officer (DPO) who is accountable for overseeing issues related to this privacy policy. Moreover, if a person may be having any questions concerning this privacy policy, involving any requests to exercise the legal rights, he or she may please contact Sally Backfield at

Your Data

As a content writing service, we gather, utilize, store and transfer the following data to render, advance, and guard our Services. Through agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you concur with the Privacy Policy, and how the data you provide is stored and used by the company.

We accumulate your information, including, however, not restricted to the following:

  • Telephone number, E-mail, User Name, Payer Name, Billing address, IP addresses, Payer Legal Name, Cookies, your orders and contents allocated to your orders.
  • Personal data provided through visiting the online site, filling in forms on the Internet, or using the services provided by the company. Such can be achieved by interacting with the company using email, phone, and any other way that the client accesses the website. The personal data comprises the information that is highlighted in this Privacy Policy as 'your personal information,' ‘your personal data' or 'your data.'
  • Personal data when you register to utilize the site, subscribe to the services offered, search for opportunities, engage a survey or promotion, or the moment you report an issue with the website. The personal data you provide to the company may include one's name, username, address, e-mail address, passwords, payment information (restricted to PayPal IPN message details regarding transaction), any data one has included in the order, responses, text messages, survey responses, and emails.
  • Technical information, including one's Internet Protocol (IP) address, logins, the web page, and individual visited before visiting or logging in to our site is also secured. Furthermore, the type of browser and version, time zone setting, and locality, plug-in types as well as versions, operating systems, or other technology of the user devices to access to the website are also stored and safeguarded for privacy.
How we use your data

Our Services are intended to ensure simplicity and accessibility for you. To achieve this, we store, utilize, and send your data to internal staff and third-party assistance providers to allow us to enroll new clients, process payments and give our Services.

Moreover, we also apply your data, mainly usage information, technical data as well as data on the way you use the website's services such as the actions one takes in his or her account. These include site visits, search history, and page interaction data to examine and enhance the services offered.

Cookies and other technologies

Such technologies are employed to offer, enhance, safeguard, and better our Services. Cookies help the site remember the customer's username for the next visit, comprehend the way one interacts with the website's service and enhance the client's experience based on the data.


The website also utilized your information to offer you with data regarding products and services the company feels may interest you. If one is an existing client, the company will only get to you by electronic means, for example through e-mail messages with data about products and services that are similar to the ones, which have been promoted to an individual in the past. Moreover, one is only contacted by the electronic means if the consent has been provided for such communication. If a client does not wish the company to use his or her information in such a way, one may select the ‘unsubscribe’ link in any e-mail communication from the website.

Sharing your data

The website may share your information as well as personal details with a third party to facilitate your payment (mainly PayPal), log in, or create an account.

Such third-party services and functions might be, but not confined to log in with a Google Account or Login with a Facebook Account. The company may share your telephone details with other services that will allow to send notifications through an MMS message or SMS. Besides, a client's email may be shared with Google (Alphabet Inc.) to ensure that emails are delivered. However, all the data or information regarding an individual is kept safe and is not shared with other services that may contact the customer without his or her consent.

Protecting your data

Stewardship of one's personal information is crucial to the website and reliability that is embraced. has a team devoted to keeping customer's data secure and measuring for vulnerabilities.

The site only processes personal information where there is a legal basis for engaging in the same. Review of personal data is done on a regular basis to make sure it is legally processed as well as being accurate and up to date. Before, giving personal data to any other person, for example, the suppliers, clients, partners, service providers, or back office team and support, the company ensures that there are some legal reasons for such transfers that may include the owner's consent.

Personal information is only held for as long as it is significant in fulfilling the purposes it was collected for in the first instance. Such include the reasons for satisfying legal issue, reporting, and accounting needs.

Rights of persons in the EU

If one the resident of the European Union, he or she has the right to obtain, correct, limit, or cancel personal data stored on the company's platform when he or she wishes. One can also apply any of these rights at will by contacting the website at

Personal rights include:

Accessing individual data

Following a request, the website offers any information related to customer's data and the processing of the same is done in a consistent, comprehensible, transparent, and easily accessible manner, utilizing a clear and understandable language. The data should be provided in writing or through other means that include, where applicable, electronic means within one-month of the written request.

Correcting one's data

An individual has the right to amend any incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information on the platform. If we have presented the personal information to any third parties, we will inform them that the Company has a request to correct the personal data, except if doing so proves improbable or requires extra effort. Those third parties also ought to amend the private data they hold. Nevertheless, we are not in a state to audit those third parties to guarantee that the rectification has taken place.

Erasing your data

One has the right to request for the rectification of all inaccurate and incomplete information on the website. If the data had been shared with the third parties, it is the responsibility of the company to notify them of the development and ensure that changes have been made. However, the company is not responsible if the third parties do not initiate changes as they do not have the mechanisms to guarantee that the changes have been made or not.

Restricting the utilization of personal data

The website processes personal information only when there are some legal bases for undertaking such an action. Therefore, an individual has the right to ask the company to suspend or limit the processing of personal information where:

  • One can challenge the accuracy of individual data
  • The processing is illegal; however, one does not want the site to eliminate it
  • The website no longer requires the information or the reasons for processing, but the client wants the company to maintain it as one needs to establish, use, or defend legitimate claims
  • An individual has objected to the site’s usage of personal information, but the requires verifying whether it has legal grounds to utilize it.
  • A person has the right to alter any incomplete or inaccurate Personal Information on the platform. If the website presented the personal information to any third parties, it would inform them that the client has requested to correct the personal data, apart from if doing so proves unlikely or requires extra effort. Those third parties also ought to revise the private data they hold, however, we are not in a position to audit those third parties to guarantee that the rectification has taken place.

    Withdrawing personal consent

    Where the website is depending on the clients' consent to process information (for instance, consent to receive advertisement), one has the right to withdraw the permission at will. Nonetheless, this will not influence the legality of any processing performed before the withdrawal of the consent. If the consent is withdrawn, the company may not be capable of providing the client with products and services. The website will advise the customer if this is the case at any time the consent is withdrawn.

    Personal rights - individuals outside the EU

    Accessing Account Data

    We will offer the client with the means to make sure that individually identifiable data in the customer’s account file is accurate and up to date. One may review this data by contacting the website through sending an email to the support attendant via

    A Record of Data Transfer

    The website will offer the right to ask and receive, once annually and free, information about third party information to whom the company has disclosed kinds of personal data regarding the client for the direct marketing reasons in the previous calendar year as well as a description of the groups of personal data shared. Making such a request should involve an email being sent to The phrase "Personal Information Privacy Request" should be included in the subject line in addition to the domain name, the name of the client, and email address. At the company’s option, the website may react to the requests by offering instructions concerning the way the users can exercise options to avoid the disclosure of personal data to the third parties for the direct advertising reasons.

    California Online Privacy Protection Act

    As expected by the "California Act" and the California Business and Professions Code, the Privacy Policy recognizes the classes of Individually Identifiable Information that the company accumulates via our website concerning individual users who utilize or visit the site as well as the kinds of third-parties with whom such privately identifiable data may be shared.

    Where the website stores and transfers personal data

    The European Union, Canada, and the USA

    Although the company has clients across the globe, it provides the customers with services by storing, using, and transmitting data only in the European Economic Area (EEA) and the United States of America.

    Relating to personal information of people in the EU, the website may share personal data within the organization. It may include the transfer of information outside the EEA. Moreover, the company may also share the information with trusted third parties who help the website in the offering, enhancing, safeguarding, and promoting the company’s services. It may include transferring personal information outside the EEA. When the personal information is transferred outside the EEA, the website ensures the same degree of security is offered by making sure at least one of the safeguards is executed.

    Where the website transfers one’s information to the third parties, it ensures that the transfers are made in the countries that have adequate degrees of security for personal information and the European Commission determines the standards. Moreover, the also uses particular contracts permitted by the European Commission that give personal information similar protection it has in Europe (for more details, see international information transfers utilizing model contracts).

    Changes to the Company

    If the website is involved in any reorganization, acquisition, the sale of assets, or merger, users’ information may be transferred as a part of the deal. Notification will be offered, for example, through the email address related to the personal account. Concerning such deals, one outlines the choices in the event.

    The company may review this policy any time and will post the current version of the website. Moreover, if the revision profoundly lessens personal rights, notification will be given.

    Contact and data deletion

    For any queries and concerns regarding the website services and privacy, data deletion - contact the company at

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