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Upon submitting your registration or ordering a product, you accept the website's Terms and Conditions, and agree to the company’s Privacy Policy, accepting the way data you provide is being stored and used.


Order: a directive that the client creates and submits for processing by the website.

You: the website’s client who uses the services.

Revision: an order that has been submitted for free amendments.

Preferred Writer: a content writer who has worked with the client in the past and is asked to work for the same client again for additional fee.

Custom Made Paper: a Microsoft Word document with content that is written from scratch for the client and may contain referenced material.

Order Instructions:

The website has the right to reject any further adjustments of the order instructions once the order is paid. The company is only responsible for following the initial order instructions.


The client has the right for free revision within 30 days after the initial order deadline. You are entitled for a rewrite if there is a sufficient proof that the original instructions were not followed and hence, the content provided is not useful. Revision instruction must agree with the initial order instructions. The company reserves the right to reject your amendment of instructions that infringe the original order description.


The client has the right to request for a refund in 3 days after downloading the original paper. All requests must be submitted directly to the client support team via: e-mails, telephone communication, messages, or through live chats. It should be noted that the company will not issue refunds past 30 days from the initial order completion. In some instances when full refund is demanded without sufficient proof, the website reserves the right to restore the authorship of the order.

Custom Made Paper:

All the papers are custom made and may include direct quotes or facts. The papers are to be utilized as examples of academic writing only. However, since these products are authentic, the use of the custom-made paper is up to the decision of the client.


All client data is kept private. Nonetheless, it may be shared with services that assist the company to reach you through payment processors, email providers, or SMS/MMS providers. The company uses it to contact the client regarding a specific order or the customer’s account with the website. The company will not pass on passwords or log in data, which may help the organization with the order completion. The company and the writers delivering your order utilize only open source information submitted with the order.

Custom made content, which is generated through the website, is an intellectual property that is owned by the Customer and the Organization, who have the special rights and consent to utilize the Product for a restricted time of 3 months. After three months have passed, the Website will entirely recover all the intellectual property rights, which are associated with the custom content.

Service Outages:

If the company fails to deliver the order because of any service-associated outages, it will take full accountability if the client decides to cancel the paper. The company will not be responsible for the customer’s Internet Service Provider outages.

Preferred Writer:

Preferred writer extra funds are voluntarily paid by the customer to encourage the writer take the order. If another writer takes the order, the additional funds are converted into a store credit under the customer’s account. The client has the exclusive rights to use the store amount for other orders.

User Data Collection and Usage:

We gather customer’s data, including, but not restricted to, telephone number, billing address, email, user name, cookies, payer’s name and IP address.

Client’s data are utilized for commercial motives only by the company. The website uses customer contact data to send updates, promotions, and deals. For more information on the way client’s information is used, please visit our Privacy Policy Page.

The role of the company is to assign an expert who will complete your task. You should not share any personal information with the professional working for you. In the event that you share your personal information with the writer, you are assuming full liability for any abuse of such data.

By proceeding with your order or account registration, you agree to receive text messages from us. Reply STOP at any time to opt out.

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