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  • Performance Management and Compensation Structure: A Research Report
    Description: APA; Business & Marketing; The report discusses various steps of performance management process that helps an organization to enhance its organizational efficiency...
    8 pages/≈2200 words| 8 Sources | APA | Business & Marketing | Dissertation - Results |
  • Lipstick Consumption Behaviourduringan Economic Recession
    Description: Harvard; Business & Marketing; Overview of the demographic characteristics of the participants. This chapter presents an analysis and discussion of the findings obtained in this study...
    10 pages/≈2750 words| 7 Sources | Harvard | Business & Marketing | Dissertation - Results |
  • Corporate Sustainability and Financial Performance
    Description: APA; Accounting, Finance, SPSS; The descriptive statistics and their relation to (contribution per share) corporate sustainability performance and corporate financial performance are assessed in table below...
    15 pages/≈4125 words| 6 Sources | APA | Accounting, Finance, SPSS | Dissertation - Results |
  • Quantitative Analysis for Business
    Description: APA; Business & Marketing; This paper analyzes data given by BIMS (Ballard Integrated Managed Services, Inc) in the verge of investigating the turnover causes in DMC ...
    1 page/≈275 words| 1 Source | APA | Business & Marketing | Dissertation - Results |
  • Critical Issues in Woman to Woman Marriages in Kenya
    Description: Other; Law; There is a sense in which this practice raises eyebrows for it is not widespread and the ignorance exhibited by majority of the populace of this concept of marriage is palpable...
    23 pages/≈6325 words| Other | Law | Dissertation - Results |
  • Caring for People with Dementia
    Description: APA; Health, Medicine, Nursing; Caring for People with Dementia Health and Medicine Dissertation Chapter - Results...
    24 pages/≈6600 words| APA | Health, Medicine, Nursing | Dissertation - Results |
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