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Economics A very Short Introduction (Essay Sample)

A book review based on economics source..
Name: Tutor: Course: Date: Economics A very Short Introduction While the book articulates the basic principles of economics, it is not utterly a simplistic account for the ‘economically intellectually challenged’. However, it underscores the key basics of modern economics and relating them casual economic decisions of everyday life and the empirical foundation of economic cognition. The author (Partha Dasgupta) demystifies the perceptions of economics that are not entirely true. One is that the primary indicator of economics is the stocks exchange indices, balance of payments and that it involves complex mathematical calculations that would be a high feat for a Leigh-man to comprehend. To rebut this argument, Partha compares the lives of real people of different economic backgrounds making economics decisions based on those settings. She compares the lives of a person living in Ethiopia, a developing world, and that of an American, a developed world. She indicates of their indefinite knowledge of the stocks market, but they still make decisive decisions on how to earn money, spend it, and invest in their future. The novelist enunciates such basic economic processes and how they are used to expedite economical solutions and policies. Moreover, she enunciates how several fundamental factors affect the economic status of people in the country including national policies, development, equity, property rights, sustai...
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