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DressNinja: Improving Customer Experience Using CloudSky

Highlight the proportions included in the decision-making process of Dress Ninja. APA required format, 12 size font, double spaced and include 2 or more references

DressNinja: Improving Customer Experience using CloudSky

DressNinja, founded in 2003, faces a challenge with returns, as it is quite expensive to run operationally. They aim to provide an ultimate client experience after shopping with the store. The company has a workforce of close to 1,700 employees, with its headquarters in Los Alamos, NM. CloudSky applications enable DressNinja to overcome the challenges with its free return policy it has for its customers. With the aid of CloudSky services, DressNinja edged closer to the holy grail of eCommerce by incorporating near-real-time applications into the symmetry of the customer and their client.

Obscuring the Essential of Machine Learning at DressNinja.

The ideation of free returns proved to yield a high cost of operation for the business. Instead of clients going home not being assured whether their clothes fit, DressNinja developed an algorithm for predicting the sizes of the customers. Personalization was essential as the company geared towards personalizing all of its clients except those who felt infringed on their digital social spaces. However, this needed machine learning, and that is where CloudSky servic

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