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Unethical Business Practices

SafeAssign is a tool used by faculty to evaluate ethical writing. The tool calculates the percentage of your writing that is not your own words or from another source. Writing that is not your words may also be referred to as plagiarism or unoriginal content is a violation of the academic integrity policy and can result in sanctions up to and including expulsion. We have the Safe Assign Draft Review in the course – Please find and use the tool in preparation for the Week 4 assignment.

Review the following:

What is Plagiarism _3_.mp4

Avoiding plagiarism.JPG .

SWS Citation Generator Tool - Source List

SWS Citation Generator Tool – In-Text

Post your response to the following:

Go to any page located on your selected company’s website,

Using the SWS Citation Generator tool - Source List, create and post an SWS formatted source List citation.

Using the SWS Citation Generator tool – In-Text Citation, create and post an SWS formatted in-text citation.

Please confirm that you have located the Safe Assign Draft area in Blackboard

Ethics in Business

Have you witnessed unethical practices in the workplace?

If so, share your experience with the class and explain how this impacted your perception of the business.

If not, find a current example of unethical business practices, share the source, and explain how you would have handled this situation differently.

Respond to at least one of your classmates' posts on Ethics in Business and be sure to cite your sources using SWS in-text and source list formatting.

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Unethical Business Practices

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Unethical Business Practices

I am yet to witness unethical practices at my workplace. However, I won't share a current example of unethical business practice. The unethical business practice was done at Wells Fargo Company. The organization was recently embarrassed since it was revealed that its employees created fake profiles to orchestrate fraudulent applications to benefit from relief programs availed to Small Business Administration monetarily (Wang & Guarino 2021). During the covid19 pandemic, the relief program was designed to help cushion small enterprises and businesses that were forced to shut down their operations or cut off their operations to reduce costs. I also remember that the company was, yet again in 2018,

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