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Blogs and Social Media: Networking Tool or Marketing Ploy?

write about the effects of social media to students in the University. APA required format, double-spaced, 12 size font and include references

Blogs: Social Media: Networking Tool or Marketing Ploy?

Social Media entails digitally connected technologies used as platforms to share and exchange data, and statistics through networks and virtual podia. Blogging relies on the rank and level of interactivity between the users and the purported group administrator. With the increased usage of social media, applications harbouring close to 100 million subscribers within their networks are social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to have such numbers in their online social networks. With high interactions, users can modify user-generated content, store documents, and explore various interests. Under the clause of preference and interests, bloggers use this as a means of networking. Nonetheless, in recent times, social media as a networking tool has raised doubts about whether it is a marketing ploy.

Blogging and social media have co-existed since the two forms of technological communication morphed into the Internet's age. Kawasaki affirms that blogging was once in long-form and designed to meet the demands of its niche. With social media, it was spontaneous and took off a personal niche. Today, th

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