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Alzheimer Disease and Stroke and the Nurses' Role

Answer the two questions with at least 250 words each. Make sure you make the post substantive when discussing both the questions

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Discussion Questions

Question 1: Alzheimer Disease

In most cases, Alzheimer affects older people especially 60 years and above. The disease entails a health disorder affecting the brain causing the person to start losing memory and inability to perform some of the cognitive functions. Therefore it is critical to understand the underlying factors of the Alzheimer disease and how to establish effective health programs that can help the elderly population which is the most susceptible to stay healthy (NIA, 2020). The contributing factors vary significantly. In most cases, people who are aging are more susceptible to the diseases, especially women. Other factors include issues such as injury to the head, and development of the Down syndrome. In some instances, people who have a member in the family with a history of developing the disease are also at risk of getting the disease.

There are a number of ways to avoid the disease with an aim of reducing possible conditions that contribute to the development of the Alzheimer diseases such as sleep disorders, depression, diabetes, and blood pressure problems (NIA, 2020). For most cases, change of diet and use of medications has helped in maintain the diseases and trying to reduce its impact on the person. However, recent research has indicated that increased physical activity and exercise can significantly help in improving memory and prevent the development of Alzheimer. Other interventions in

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