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Responsibilities of Human Resources Manager in Childcare Center

A childcare center with quality services creates a strong foundation for children ensuring their success in school, gives the children a basis to acquire skills that they use later on in life, and reduces the anxiety levels in children. Therefore, the major task of the hired human resources manager is to identify which areas provide low, average, and high quality services in the childcare center. He should focus on the weaknesses of the company and turn them into strongholds. This ultimately leads to positive behavior in children. It also leads to less social incompetency among the peers in the same childcare center. In order to minimize the risks involved in early childhood development, the childcare center needs to put emphasis on the following best practice.

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Executive Summary

The hiring of a human resources manager by a company is a clear sign that the company is trying to make the business work (Mason et al., 2012). Human beings are the most important aspects of a business because they possess diverse skills and abilities that make the capital work for the companies (Ball, 2013). My work as a human resources manager is to ensure the childcare company generates revenue through using people’s abilities and skills (Greydanus, 2011). Human resource management refers to the exercise of employing people, tutoring them, reimbursing them, coming up with policies relating to them, and developing schemes to retain them. It is important to improve the quality of early childhood learning and childcare services in order to improve brain development in young children (Connelly & Milligan, 2012).

Globally, millions of parents and most working families rely on the childcare services. Companies offering such services must pass through a background check, proper training, and are prone to regular perusal to secure the children’s safety (McCartney & Phillips, 2011). Therefore, to improve the quality of the childcare company, the benefits must exceed the costs. Providing good childcare services is essential to the children, parents, and the society, at large (Ball, 2013). This program derives benefits that outweigh the costs. Childcare services earn high priority when making choices on the allocation of funds. The staff that deals with providing childcare services requires training that helps them keep up with most recent scrutiny in child development and safety (Connelly & Milligan, 2012). As a human resource manager, I will ensure the development of a staffing plan, come up with policies that encourage multiculturalism in the company, recruit new staff members to fill the open positions, and select a few people to train and motivate (Greydanus, 2011).

Literature review

Research states, it is the duty of the management to ensure that the staff gains knowledge and skills on child development and safety (Hersey et al., 2017). A better definition of childcare and development is it refers to the succession of physical, thought, language, and emotional changes that occur in a child from birth to the beginning of adulthood. This transformation makes children less dependent on their parents or guardians (Greydanus, 2011). The development of a child largely depends on the genes passed from the parents to the child. Oher factors that influence childcare and development are the environment surrounding the child during his or her upbringing and the mental ability of the child to grasp what they learn (McCartney & Phillips, 2011). Tracking the progress of the child’s development ensures the child’s mentality is at per with their age. This helps ensure early diagnosis of problems that arise during child development. These problems are due to prenatal circumstances, genetics, medical factors, and inadequate exposure to helpful motivation (Martocchio et al., 2012).

It is the task of a childcare manager to implement policies and procedures (McCartney & Phillips, 2011). These implementations should focus on activities that help in developing the child in a positive manner by overcoming the developmental problems (Connelly & Milligan, 2012). A company that deals with offering childcare services should maximize on the speed and ease of development while minimizing the breach that occur between a child’s capability and that of his or her peers. Childcare centers should strive to improve confidence in children and reduce frustration that the child’s parents or guardians may encounter (Greydanus, 2011). The typical re

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