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Steps Taken in Positive Risk Enablement and Making Informed Decisions

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There are some actions that can be taken in order to provide a service which supports individuals to take risks and make informed decisions. A person must be put at the centre of the identified risk, the assessment and management planning. Care providers should always maintain a balance between duty of care and positive risk assessment for the service users. Below are some steps that are taken in positive risk enablement and making informed decisions;

Step 1: Identify the potential risk that is associated with carrying out such activity. Disabled and vulnerable individuals also face some risks in their life and they should be treated fairly. Treating their risks differently is regarded is Discriminatory abuse. Their identified risks should be discussed with the individual and their family support if need be. Under the Equality act (2010), the decisions should not be made based on individual’s disability and vulnerability. Information must be provided in a way that the individual involved can understand.

Step 2: Assessment of risk – the vulnerable individual together with the significant other should be present during this assessment. Information of the risk is collected through observation, investigation and communication with the individuals involved. This is done whilst focusing on the strengths of the individual. The vulnerable individual should be actively participating during the assessment. This helps them to boost their confidence, operate independently and increase their ability to make informed decisions about the risk associated activity. Planning and executing thorough reviews of this activity is necessary and should be carried out.

Step 3: Creating a risk management plan. This plan should detail the benefits of the activity and the potential harm that is associated with the activity. The vulnerable individual should participate in the plan making together with the linked parties. A report to the Local Adult Safeguarding board should be made when the assessment plan is said to be the cause of harm.

When the process of supporting individuals to take risks and make informed choices is done, the following pieces of legislation are considered:

The Human Rights Act 1998 - it ensures right to freedom to the individual. It is also supported by the Disability Discrimination Act 2005 which ensures equal opportunities for individuals living with disabilities.

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 – where an individual l

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