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Social Science and Natural Science Lenses

1. Describe the two lenses you have selected for your analysis.

2. Compare the two lenses in relation to your topic. What are the similarities?

3. Explain how the two lenses contrast with each other in relation to your topic. What are the differences?

4. Reflect on the benefits of the research process. Consider the following:

o What have you gained by looking at your topic through the lenses so far?

o What might be some of the benefits of further research?


The Social science lens is the study of human behaviors and the way we act and what we do and how and why we do things. and how we act in social groups and together in our society as a whole. It explores the way we relate to one another. The social science uses calcuble and measureable research.

The natural science lens uses a more scientific approach on things. However some methods of social science do employ aspects of natural science to get a better understanding but both of these use data that can observe and measure.  The social science and natural science both are alike in a lot of ways. “Science is the study of the physical and natural world whereas social sciences study human behavior in different settings.

In natural science, the accuracy and validity of data are very high in comparison to social sciences.

Natural science, a controlled setting can be used for experimental research whereas, in social sciences, this is not possible.

In natural science, a theory can be tested again and again yet acquire the same results but, in social sciences, this can be difficult.” (Admin, 2021 June 21)

The social science lens and the natural science lens are alike in a lot of ways but also different in a lot of ways as well. The natural science uses forensic science and other way

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