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Is the United States Ready for a Female President?

Purpose: inform or persuade.

1. Organizational strategy: time (chronological order), space (left to right, background to

foreground, etc.), emphasis (least important to most important, problem to solution, most

familiar to least familiar, etc.)

1. Two method(s) of development: narration, examples, description, definition, division,

comparison and/or contrast, cause and effect, process analysis, etc.  



To make writing your essay more effective, start by focusing your subject with a working thesis,

consider an organizational strategy that suits your ideas, and remember to support your ideas with

plenty of examples (descriptive details, quotes, statistics, etc.).

Keep in mind that while sources are NOT required for all topics below, if you make a statement

that requires support in the form of an expert quote or statistic, make up a quote or statistic on your

own and provide an in-text citation plus a works cited for your made-up source(s).

ESSAY LENGTH: The practical answer is around 1,000 words (about 3 pages in 12-point Times

New Roman). But, remember, your essay should always be as long as it takes to fully

investigate/develop your thesis, so in this case you want a thesis that is focused for a 1,000-word essay.

Finally, underline your thesis and topic sentences!

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Is the United States ready for a female president?

In today’s world, slogans for equality in workplaces have dominated social media. There is no doubt that equality is vital in any society, and is crucial for a nation to success. Moreover, it not only breeds confidence, but also unites people and leads to economic progress. In the US, women have come a long way since granted the right to participate in elections in 1920 (Gidlow 433) by the 19th amendment. There are moreover women in all professional fields today, except that of the White House, and not only as the first Lady. However, many people are skeptical about the possibility of having a woman as the president. The purpose of this essay is to persuade readers on why the United States is indeed not ready for a female president through highlighting the looming gender inequality and sexism that is still present in in today’s world, which are very strong factors holding back the country’s first female president.

Outdated gender roles still dictate extensively the economic roles that are assigned to men and women in society. Before examining what readiness to become the first female president means, it is crucial to understand what women are viewed as from a social angle. According to Fathalla (331), “Woman is a womb.” This outlines the main role of women in today’s society – caregivers. For generations, women have been confined to their ‘feminine nature’ which often encompasses being wives, mothers and objects of lust; thus end up being excluded from political activities. Gender plays no part in halting women’s ability to partake in political leadership positions, but ignorance blinds people from understanding this fact. The US is therefore not where it is supposed to be in as far as gender equality is involves, which limits the chances of a ‘Ms. President’ from sitting in the oval office. Despite all the recent efforts being put towards the fight for gender equality in professional fields, the right time for a woman to be the highest authority in the White House might never come. According to Lopez (3), this might be so because w

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